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  • This site has free Pocket PC software to download, including medical, bible, games, freeware, themes; Pocket PC 2002, PocketPC 2003 software and Windows Mobile 5 software

  • (0) replies | Software Search Latest Forums Posts 02-8-2006 24-7-2006 20-7-2006 20-6-2006 09-6-2006 Greg's and Software list contains smartphone, mobile, cell, pocket pc and windows CE software to download, including freeware, free games, video, email and many others

    Pocket PC Games - Computer Games - Free 3D Screensavers Downloads ...
    3D screensavers including Liquid Desktop to melt your desktop, Picture Cube 3D
    to show off pictures, and Desktop Destroyer to blow up the desktop in 3D.

  • Pocket PC Games - Computer Games - 3D Screensavers - - - - - - - Atomic Cannon The ultimate artillery duel with 85 weapons of mass destruction! Free downloads for - - -

  • Play the best artillery game! Yield super huge weapons with awesome explosive effects

  • Computer Games and Pocket PC Games Tropical Island Escape Relax on your own tropical island

  • Computer Games and Pocket PC Games Liquid Desktop Melt your desktop in 3D with soothing oozing effects

  • Animated 3D Screensaver Simple Life Simulate the game of life’s hypnotic animations

  • Animated 3D Screensaver Atomic Cannon WINS BEST SHOOTING GAME OF 2005

  • Acky's XP Breakout WINS BEST ACTION GAME OF 2005

  • These experts are authors of Pocket PC books, Pocket PC magazine contributors, Microsoft Pocket PC MVPs, Pocket PC Forum helpers, and associates of top computer games web sites

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    Computer Games and Pocket PC Games - Isotope 244
    A ball and paddle type game. Includes a demo, screenshots, and information.

  • Strategy and arcade games for Windows, Mac, Pocket PC and Smartphone

  • - - - - - - - Games Have some fun playing challenging arcade and strategy games

  • Atomic Cannon Atomic Cannon is a fun tank game that is easy to learn but difficult to master

  • In this tank game you battle against computers or friends on 25 different landscapes and can can clobber your opponents with over 85 weapons

  • Free downloads for: - - Acky's XP Breakout Blast your way through 150 powerful levels in the ultimate arkanoid game

  • The gameplay is always changing with a dynamic mesh of particle effects, point bonuses, and object morphing to keep you mesmerized

  • Enjoy enhanced gameplay with XP Mode and customize the game to your own personal liking with many options

  • Free downloads for: - Atomic Battle Dragons Mount your dragon and take to the skies in this action and adventure game and joust mythical enemies

  • The game is very easy to learn and convienent to play with the automatic save system

  • Free downloads for: - Visit us for pocket pc games, computer games, free downloads, free pocket pc games, scorched earth, breakout, shareware, free game downloads, strategy games, joust, arkanoid

    Download Games: Downloads of Arcade Games, Puzzle Games, Board and ...
    Shareware game downloads for Windows including puzzles, arcade, Tetris, lines,
    and chess, as well as online games and player contests.

  • Download game of the day! One cool game is not enough? Get three staggering games in one! Play the best time-waster ever

  • All the great arcade games of Bubble series in one package for your PC Enjoy underwater adventures in action-puzzle game 03.08.2006

  • New game is coming soon

  • 02.08.2006 Wild Wild Games - and 01.08.2006 - Go treasure hunting undersea

  • 29.07.2006 - Don't get stuck! - Rainbow Web for Mac Top game downloads + + + + + + + + + + + Subscribe to game news Welcome to our game portal! Download games for Windows, Macintosh and mobile games

  • We have logic games, arcade games, puzzles and kids games - full versions ready for game download and play

  • New games are released, as well as classic addictive games - Download Free Games Audio Video PC Software
    A free download site for games and other shareware software, spam free with daily

    free software downloads, free game downloads and desktop stuff
    Free download shareware, freeware and demo software products. Developers need to
    create an account to submit, PAD files accepted.

  • Latest popular PC games with unbelievable discount

  • On-the-fly military strength disk encryption A new compelling word puzzle game! Capture screen movements and sounds and save as flash movies

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    Free Games Download - play arcade games for Windows
    Six clones. Includes game information, downloads, and ordering. [Windows and Pocket PC]

  • March 29, 2005 New Game released:

  • Home Home Mobile Games Mobile Games Pocket PC Games - Free Pocket PC downloads Pocket PC Games - Free Pocket PC downloads ADVANCED LINES for Pocket PC v.1.1 - FREEWARE Type: Arcade / Puzzle Advanced Lines for Pocket PC is an incredibly addictive color matching game with a bunch of sound effects and a graphics galore

  • The aim of the game is to build various figures out of objects of the same color

  • Rings&Colors for Pocket PC v.1.0 Type: Logic / Puzzle Rings&Colors is a new Twist on famous Rubik's Cube game! 12 balls of different colors are located on three intersecting circles

  • Windows Smartphone Games - Free Windows Smartphone downloads Windows Smartphone Games - Free Windows Smartphone downloads Rings&Colors for Windows Mobile Type: Logic / Puzzle Rings&Colors is a new Twist on famous Rubik's Cube game! 12 balls of different colors are located on three intersecting circles

  • Symbian Games - Free Symbian downloads Symbian Games - Free Symbian downloads Rings&Colors for Symbian Series 60 Type: Logic / Puzzle Rings&Colors is a new Twist on famous Rubik's Cube game! 12 balls of different colors are located on three intersecting circles

    Game Downloads - Twilight Games
    Creates shareware games for PC, Mac, PocketPC, and Palm platforms.

  • Game Downloads for Windows, Mac, Palm and Pocket PC - Free Demos and Online Store Master of Defense is a fun new real time strategy game

  • Monthly updates about new games, upgrades, and specials

    Cresotech, Inc. - Site map and latest news about free trial ...
    Create a personal style photo presentation using special effects.

    Game Energy, LLC
    Checkers and Tic-Tac-Toe for your Pocket PC.

  • Game Energy, LLC Get Regular Updates! Available for and

  • Classic Checkers 2.0 includes Online Multiplayer support! Choose from 4 game boards, 3 levels of difficulty, and a local 2-player option

  • Purchase Classic Checkers for and now! Interested in our technology? Download for Pocket PC for free! To unlock the Medium and Hard levels, you must win 3 out of 5 games

  • Tap the center of the screen to continue after each game

  • Good luck! Game Energy, LLC was formed in September, 2002


    Shareup Networks - Software Reviews and Downloads
    Software database, browse or search through the categories. Supports PAD submitting
    for software author.

  • [ ] [ ] free! For a limited time only, get ZumaDeluxe and over 350 other games for FREE with GamePass

  • Play over 400 great games in every category

  • 40 levels in 6 unique worlds full of original pitfalls is not the only aim of the game

  • This is a crossword making board game, now for your widnows computer

  • A single player logical game

    ChessGenius for the Pocket PC
    [Commercial - $25] World Champion chess engine, 128K hash tables, 130 KB [Updated

  • T his is the best chess game I've seen for the iPAQ

  • Whole game in 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 5 min, ...

  • You lose if you run out of time Game information The last moves of the game Chess Clocks

  • ChessGenius is planning cxd4 and expects Nxd4 in reply etc Set-up position Any legal position can be entered Take back and Step forward Take back moves to start of game and Step forward to end of game

  • Hint Let ChessGenius suggest your move Players Play against ChessGenius, against another player or watch ChessGenius play itself Analyze game Like 2 player mode but ChessGenius calculates continuously and shows its thinking

  • Useful for replaying games to see where mistakes have been made or for playing over an imported PGN Master game

  • Announces a draw if there is insufficient material to win Save and Load games Games can be saved and loaded in PGN files

  • Multiple games per file

  • Replace game

  • You can load a game, modify it and replace it

  • Good for keeping track of postal games

  • Database now remembers the last game loaded

  • Much easier to load the next game

    Free Java, Symbian, Palm and Pocket PC Software
    Directory and download service of mobile Java games and applications by independent

    Sean O'Connor's Windows Games - Conquest
    A version of the popular game "Risk" for Windows CE PocketPC devices.

  • The Games Info Contact About Sean O'Connor PocketConquest 'I found myself playing this game constantly for a week; this game is super addictive' - Pocket PC Life Get a free copy Click on an icon to download a free copy of Conquest: Or click on one of these icons to get the complete set of games for your computer: Summary Conquest is a board game of world domination for Windows PCs, HandheldPCs and PocketPCs

  • The Artificial Intelligence of the computer opponents is particularly strong and you'll have to fight hard to beat them! Buy a full copy You can order the games from any country and pay in US dollars, UK pounds, AUD dollars, CDN dollars or Euros

  • Once you have placed your order you will be able to download the game immediately

  • the full version of Conquest for Windows for $20 all the Windows games (Slay, Conquest, Critical Mass, The General, Mother Of All Battles, Firefight, Niggle, End Of Atlantis and Football-o-saurus) for $40 the full version of PocketConquest for $20 all the PocketPC games (PocketConquest, PocketSlay and PocketGeneral) together for $30 Conquest for PocketPCs and Windows PCs for $30 all the Windows, PocketPC and Palm games for $45 Conquest resources See an on-line copy of the Download other or see details on how to maps

    Astraware: Award-winning Palm OS, Pocket PC and Smartphone games ...
    Developers of action and puzzle games including Text Twist, Bejeweled, and Zap!2000.
    Game information, screenshots, FAQs, and discussion board available.

  • | Top game and application downloads for Palm OS® PDAs, Pocket PCs and Smartphones Bejeweled is the official handheld version of the gem-swapping phenomenon

  • Feed the bookworm's appetite by making words from connected letter tiles! Build your empire through swashbuckling sea combat and trade! Revolutionary combat action that will take you on a worldwide tour of duty! Get the most brain-teasing, time-absorbing games for your PDA or Smartphone Stretch your word power and test your vocabulary with these word games Take control of your life with software to help you manage finance through to fitness Top 10 Sellers What's New Recent Review The graphics look good, and each explosion is timed perfectly, providing the user with confirmation of a successful strike

    Free Downloads and Discount Software -
    Free and discount software for Windows, including shareware titles and demo versions.

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    Gaming news, reviews and Windows CE game information.

    Free games: Download over 400 DOS games. Shareware and freeware ...
    Over 400 shareware and freeware games organized into fifteen categories.
    Also available are associated utilities and a message board to find old games, ...

  • Welcome to the home of DOS games on the web! ADVERTISEMENT Comments? Visit the page to contact me! Note: This site has NO POPUPs! July 19 th 2006 Seven new games added: ABM, Castle Master, Dark Forces (Star Wars), Executive Suite, Goferpop, In the Dead of the Night and Stalactites

  • Hope you like 'em! If you enjoy strategy games (especially war games) you may want to browse the Windows/PALM/PocketPC based page

  • Don't forget about either for free classic web-based gaming!) May 24 th 2006 A hoy hoy! It's a bit late but here's an update with six new games: Galactic Battle, Inner Worlds, Labrynth of Zeux, Pong Kombat, Thor's Hammer, and VLAK

  • Don't forget to check out for over 100 free online classic games in Flash/Java

  • :) In other news that's more directly related to the website, I'll add a few more games this weekend

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