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Light poetry, featuring Elas Giordano's chapbook "Love is All Box and No Cornflakes".

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    Poetry for Kids - Funny Poems for Children by Poet Kenn Nesbitt
    Humorous poetry for kids by author Kenn Nesbitt.

    Funny Poems and Funny Poetry
    Over 50 categories of humourous and twisted poems.

  • Funny Poems, Poetry & Poets! Welcome to funny poems, funny ditties, funny limericks, oh and did we mention...funny poetry? This site is for poets, would-be poets and other words, everyone who enjoys a laugh

  • Whatever your fancy, l et's spread some laughter! Duncan Flynn [] [] [][] [] [][][] All poetry is copyright by the individual authors

  • © 1998 - , by Duncan Flynn and - Contact us at: Po Box 1041, Maleny, Qld, Australia Phone: 0417 721 802 Our most popular book, 'Earn a Full-time Income With Part-Time Poetry!' is a practical ebook for newbie's, poets, whether budding, experienced or professional

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    Fizzy Funny Fuzzy Poetry For Kids: Welcome!
    Humorous, entertaining and fun poetry for children.

  • NEW! Last Updated: 17/10/2005 Poems: 82 Page Views: since 26/04/2005 2120418 Welcome to Fizzy Funny Fuzzy! Welcome to the home of funny poetry by the Fizzy Funny Fuzzy poet, Gareth Lancaster

  • Find out if elephants are real, what lurks within your school bag and why some pirates shouldn't set sail! Want to see the newest poems on the site? This is the place for you! There are lots of different poems to read, use this link to see them all! Want to read the coolest poems as rated by other visitors to the site? Take a chance and click this link to see a random poem from the site! NEW! Want to listen rather than read? You'll find a selection of poetry audio here! See what others are saying about my poetry and leave your own comments! Join The New Poetry Mailing List I put new poems up on Fizzy Funny Fuzzy every few weeks and if you join my mailing list I'll send you an email when ever I do

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    Funny Poems
    Poems for adolescents and adults covering love, life and the universe.

  • Peculiar Poetry is a collection of short funny poems for teenagers and adults

  • There is lighthearted teen poetry about the angst of adolescence and adult poetry, both funny and serious, about love, life and the universe

  • As one reviewer famously put it, 'Peculiar Poetry combines the comic talent of Karl Marx with the intellectual genius of Groucho Marx.' So expect funny poetry that is always wry, often witty, sometimes dark or dirty

  • Peculiar Poetry is a collection of funny poems for teenagers and adults

  • Children, and those who are easily offended, should visit instead the sanitised version of the site - - which contains only fluffy, cute poems and leaves out all of Peculiar Poetry's rude, risqué or frankly dirty poems

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    Funny Poems and Children's Poetry
    Robert Pottle's original poems: text and audio; reader feedback poll.

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  • See all the poetry books by children's author Robert Pottle, and some anthologies that contain his funny poems

  • Learn about funny poems , use a dynamic online poetry performance rubric or get funny poem activities and crafts

  • Funny Poems Podcast Poems and news from Robert Pottle's website 30 Aug 06, 12:08:55 site syndication 11 Sep 06, 08:09:43 My wife, Diane and I have started a brand new web site called Top Scrapbook Ideas (

    Funny Poetry
    We have some amusing poetry that cannot be taken seriously.

  • Advertise - - - - - Funny Poetry Our Funniest Jokes to Your Cell Phone Every Day! Click Here to Learn More! ...To add a little class to the daily routine of office work, poetry is written

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    Funny Poems: Collection of Humourous poetry
    Weekly selection of humorous and inspirational poems.

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    Humorous designs for holidays and events. Java applets, Shockwave Flash and animated.

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    Humorous rhyming verse, funny poems, funny poetry, limericks and ...
    Original verse by UK-based Dave Axton covering subjects as diverse as euthanasia,
    stick insects and washing cars.

  • visitors : 306195 online : 3 Humorous and serious rhyming verse, funny poems, poetry, limericks and valentines written by David Axton

    e-poems/Love poems/Sad and funny poetry/Violet poem
    Humorous poems, about love, sadness, science, desire, passion, and politics.

  • e-poems Love poems and other poetry Violet Violet's inviolate She shrinks away By the time she's ready To butter her cup Another Daisy's gone by

  • Links: Link to some cool See above or epoems best love poetry on the web

    >Welcome with a smile to Smile Poetry Publications, family ...
    Family-friendly funny verse.

  • Your Smile Starts Here Welcome to the Homepage Smile Poetry Weekly NEW, NEW, NEW All books in PDF format With Gunjan Saraf About us what others say Smile Smile Poetry Weekly is about your smile and your laugh

  • This means everything that is Smile Poetry Weekly can be read for a smile and a laugh with your granny, little children, acquaintances; just anybody

  • The Writer Most of the funny poetry is written under the name Chacha Joe; this includes the ridiculous dotty ditties, through limericks (or limerlacks!), funny poems, haiku (of the High Coo), tongue twisters and daffynitions

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    Famous Poetry Online
    A free, online poetry resource providing the famous poems by the world's most
    popular poets.

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  • This famous online poetry web site endeavours to provide as much information as possible for all students of Famous Poetry

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    Select from categories of family, friends, holidays, love and romance. Includes
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    Best free love poems, friendship poems, sad poems, inspirational ...
    Features quarterly poetry competitions, with no entry fees. Open to all, though
    entries from children are judged by less strict criteria.

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  • If you just like to read poetry, you have come to the right place

    Wendy Cope
    Biography, publications list and critical review.

  • Her poetry collections include Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis (1986), Serious Concerns (1992) and If I Don't Know (2001), which was shortlisted for the Whitbread Poetry Award

  • She has edited a number of poetry anthologies including The Orchard Book of Funny Poems (1993), Is That The New Moon? (1989), The Funny Side: 101 Humorous Poems (1998) and The Faber Book of Bedtime Stories (1999) and Heaven on Earth: 101 Happy Poems (2001)

  • She first became known on the poetry scene as pitch-perfect parodist able to wipe the floor with anyone, Craig Raine, Heaney, Geoffrey Hill, but perhaps her most characteristic early poems were the Strugnell Sonnets from her first book Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis (1984), Strugnell being a benignly hopeless suburban would-be poet, of the kind she later called a 'tump' (Totally Useless Male Poet), indian, funny,love,poems, pictures,ecards ...
    Indian jokes, quotes and one-liners.

    Black Poetry, Black Poets, Black Poems, African American Poetry ...
    A site filled with various compilations of African-American poems by famous and
    undiscovered poets. Reader submissions of African-American poetry are welcome.

  • Africa ! Contact Webmaster at: Poets submit Poetry to:   >>    Mr

  • Her poetry shall take one back in time: , and … Also, we have who was born a free woman and happened to be quite well known during her time… One of many writers who happened to touch base on racism, feminism and classism during that era of Slavery, etc: , and … This man needs no introduction as co-wrote the song , which later became known as the Negro National Anthem… Mr

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  • Africa Poetry Lounge!

    Tells of the college drop-out's transition from cab driver to published poet.

  • There was a time when I couldn’t stand poetry!

  • When I was a young man, I discovered poetry again and it changed my life.”—Jack Prelutsky Jack Prelutsky has written more than 40 books of verse and has compiled a number of poetry anthologies

  • His anthology, The 20th-Century Children’s Poetry Treasury , includes 211 wonderful poems that represent the best the century has to offer

  • ABOUT THE AUTHOR For years, Jack Prelutsky’s inventive poems have inspired legions of children to fall in love with poetry

  • His award-winning books include Tyrannosaurus Was a Beast, The Dragons Are Singing Tonight, The Random House Book of Poetry for Children, and The Beauty of the Beast .While attending a Bronx, New York, grade school, Prelutsky took piano and voice lessons and was a regular in school shows

  • Surprisingly, Prelutsky developed a healthy dislike for poetry due to a teacher who “left me with the impression that poetry was the literary equivalent of liver

  • One evening, he wrote two dozen short poetry verses to accompany each drawing

  • PRAISE THE 20TH-CENTURY CHILDREN’S POETRY TREASURY“A splendid collection.”—Starred, School Library Journal “Teachers and librarians will want to use this millennial volume with Prelutsky’s Random House Book of Poetry for Children to introduce our best children’s poets and encourage children to write about their immediate experience.”— Booklist THE RANDOM HOUSE BOOK OF POETRY FOR CHILDREN“A generous collection with a distinctly upbeat tone, this gives a taste of the best poets writing for children over the last several decades

    Quorum of One .................. Don't make me laugh
    A collection of literary humor, satire, parody, news parodies and poetry.

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