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Sexy Beast DVD Review - Home Video DVD Pick of the Week
Review by Ivana Redwine.

  • The performances of Ian McShane ('Teddy Bass'), Cavan Kendall ('Aitch'), Andrea Redman (Gal's wife 'Deedee'), and Julianne White (Aitch's wife 'Jackie') are wonderful as well

    Mike Zwerin's profile of the alto saxophonist.

  • JazzNet: Special Series - Sons of Miles Search: • • • Dance • • • • • • You are in: > > • • Preview of: JACKIE McLEAN: Sugar Free Saxophone McLean, who was born in 1932, heard Charlie Parker at the age of 14 and "the first time that name came out of my mouth I knew at that moment I was going to be a musician." Five years later, he joined Miles Davis

    Jackie Robinson
    Read legendary sports writer Maury Allen's portrait of the great Jackie Robinson,
    a baseball player who changed the course of American history.

  • [Terms and Conditions.] Jackie Robinson: An American Hero By Maury Allen LOS ANGELES DODGERS Jackie Robinson takes off from third and steals home in one of the most dazzling feats of World Series history! Game One, The 1955 World Series, 8th inning, the Brooklyn Dodgers trailing the Yankees 6 to 4! [The Dodgers won the Series!] Jackie Robinson reporting to the Brooklyn Dodgers from the minor league Montreal Royals, 1947

  • He remembered when he first heard the name of Jackie Robinson

  • Nobody in the press box screaming 'stop the presses.' 'That meant so much, so much, ' Jackie Robinson told me years later

  • Jackie was safe

  • The award now bears his name and when players receive the Jackie Robinson Rookie of the Year award they understand the history

  • Jackie Robinson died on October 24, 1972

  • There is a strong case to be made that Jackie Robinson was the game's ultimate Most Valuable Player


    The Medallion (2003)
    Synopsis, cast and crew, reviews, user comments and ratings, production and
    distribution information, trivia, multimedia, and links.

  • Quotes: [When Jackie has Giscard traped in the bins ] : Ever heard of police brutality? : Sounds like fun

  • Awards: 2 nominations MEDALLION, THE | 15 out of 24 people found the following comment useful:- How come a film like this is ever released?? , 4 December 2004 Author: from Oslo, Norway First, I have to tell you - I am a HUGE Jackie Chan fan

  • Whatever made Jackie decide he wanted to do this movie I don't know, and frankly - I don't think I want to know! The story, or what's left of it, is like a copy of "The Golden Child" from Eddie Murphys black years (pun intended)

  • CGI and Jackie Chan is just an awful combination

  • Fix your act, Jackie!!! Was the above comment useful to you? I have seen this movie and would like to on it Discuss this movie with other users on Recent Posts (updated daily) User If you like this title, we also recommend..

    Kari Wuhrer
    Biography, filmography and pictures.

  • Jackie Trent (1990) ...

  • Herself/Jackie Trent (1991) (V) ... - Gingrich weds in simple ceremony - August 19, 2000

    CNN - 71st Annual Academy Awards

  • Watson Emily Watson Best Actress, 'Hilary & Jackie' Born January 14, 1967 in London, England, Emily Watson didn't get into acting until after college, earning her first professional job at the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1992

  • Her latest Academy honor comes for her work in 'Hilary & Jackie, ' which adds to her reputation for picking dark roles

  • Rachel Griffiths Best Supporting Actress, 'Hilary & Jackie' Born in Melbourne, Australia, Rachel Griffiths has developed a following through her strong work in supporting roles in movies like 'Jude, ' 'Muriel's Wedding, ' and 'My Best Friend's Wedding.' And now the Academy has recognized her talent

  • She's up for best supporting actress in the true-to-life tale 'Hilary & Jackie, ' playing the character of Hilary du Pré, sister to genius cellist Jaqueline du Pré

  • Benefits

    Award Winning Wines from San Juan Island; San Juan Vineyards in WA ...
    Producer located on San Juan Island. They offer several varietals including
    Merlots and Cabernets.

  • Dave, wife Jackie, and daughter Maya are proud to be a part of our island community

  • Dave is an avid boater while Jackie stays home with two-year old Maya

    Elevate Something Ordinary to Something Extraordinary.
    Biographical article in Fast Company examines the efforts of the Rural Studio.

  • 'My wife, Jackie, says that he's a chip off the old butt, ' Mockbee says, laughing

    BBC - Comedy Guide - The Honeymooners
    An article about The Honeymooners, featuring a description, a cast and crew list
    and transmission details.

  • 5 September 2006 » More on Like this page? The Honeymooners USA, CBS (Jackie Gleason Enterprises Productions), Sitcom, b/w, 1955 Starring: Jackie Gleason, Audrey Meadows, Art Carney The American comic-actor Jackie Gleason created a posse of memorable, larger-than-life characters in his career but none captured the imagination of the US public as much as bus driver Ralph Kramden, a pitiable loudmouth who had been making American audiences laugh ever since his first incarnation on the DuMont Network (the country's one-time fourth network which operated 1944-56) in the early 1950s

  • Gleason was no exception - CBS signed the star for The Jackie Gleason Show (see footnote) and the entourage of players were sent out on a promotional tour, performing live at movie theatres across the country

  • The Jackie Gleason Show , for the period 1952-55, was a huge hit, with Gleason - nicknamed 'The Great One' - proving that the sobriquet described his talent as well as his physical stature

  • (The BBC claimed it was the show's first airing in Britain but some episodes turned up from 1958 to 1963 on ITV regions outside London; ABC screened it in the Midlands and the North from 6 July 1958.) The 1989-91 screenings were accompanied by a pair of tribute shows, Three Jacks And Two Kings (BBC2, 10 June 1989), in which the US comedian Jackie Mason paid homage to Gleason and also to Jack Benny, and Gleason - The Great One (BBC2, 25 March 1991)

    Gucci - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Building the company from an accessories shop, to an equestrian specialty, to
    the high fashion status symbol the label has come to represent, ...

  • At that time, the company also developed its famous GG logo (Guccio Gucci's initials), the Flora silk scarf (worn prominently by ), and the Jackie O shoulder bag, made famous by, the wife of


    Quentin Tarantino - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Hyperlinked encyclopedia entry offers a biography with timeline, career history,
    influences, and filmography.

  • Nigger is just a word.' Tarantino has defended his use of the word by arguing that black audiences have an appreciation of his -influenced films that eludes some of his critics, and, indeed, that Jackie Brown , another oft-cited example, was primarily made for 'black audiences:' To me the film is a black film

  • The book is the first Leonard book to feature the characters of Louis and Ordell, whom Tarantino would bring to life with his 1997 film Jackie Brown

  • Reservoir Dogs (the ear scene)- Mr Blonde (Michael Madsen) walks to his car, then back inside Pulp Fiction (the gimp scene)- Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis) escapes upstairs and then returns with a samurai sword Jackie Brown (Beaumont Livingston's death) - Beaumont Livingston (Chris Tucker) is in the trunk of a car driven by Ordell Robbie (Samuel L

  • Often casts comedians in small roles: as the DJ in Reservoir Dogs , as an accident witness in Pulp Fiction , as Raquel in Pulp Fiction , as Marvin in Pulp Fiction , and as Beaumont Livingston in Jackie Brown

  • Trunk shot in Jackie Brown

  • Although he did not invent it, Tarantino popularized the, which is featured in Reservoir Dogs , Pulp Fiction , From Dusk Till Dawn , Jackie Brown , and Kill Bill

    Carmen Electra News
    News about Carmen Electra continually updated from around the net.

    CANOE -- JAM! Music - Pop Encyclopedia - Chilliwack
    Biography and discography.

  • Glenn Miller lives in the east end of Toronto with his wife, Jackie Cale, and plays bass in The John Bell Band on a part time basis - Jackie Chan
    Interviews and movie information.

    Rating, comment.

  • The Jackie Robinson Story (1950)..

  • Stars Jackie as himself in a low-budget but effective portrayal of the racial tensions pervading his career

  • His stand against racism in the Army was detailed in the made-for-cable movie, The Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson (1990)

    Bray People
    Local newspaper. The online version only covers the news. New issue out on Thursdays.

  • 'We'll all be having Christmas dinner at my mother's as usual with my brother Chris and his wife Jackie, and my sister Ruth, ' she says, 'but this year, there'll be a high chair at the Christmas table.' With Santa making his return visit to the Fox family homestead, Christmas 2001 has been particularly exciting for the young TD and motherÉbut also hectic

    Bill and Jackie's Antigua Trip
    This is a trip report with photos of our April 2002 vacation at the Royal Antiguan
    resort on Antigua.

    Northside Online
    Neighborhood association for the north side of Madison Wisconsin. Represents Warner
    Park and Cherokee and includes maps and demographics, list of resources and ...

  • If you thought my peppers were hot last year, wait until you try our new variety!” Rich Horbaczewski and Jackie Gennett of Grass is Greener Gardens quickly sold out of their naturally raised lamb when they offered it last fall

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