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  • See? There are many good reasons I married this man! I was so excited I neglected to read the opening times on my map and we had to wait two hours for them to open - but I didn't care! When the door finally opened I tried to be ladylike and take my time, but like a kid in a candy shop I just couldn't resist all the kawaii girls and goods

    John Osborne
    Speech given by David Hare at a 1995 memorial service. Includes a brief biographical

    A nonpartisan and nonprofit e-zine covering stories from Alabama and all 50 states.

    Games Over
    Text solution for the game.

  • Leave the elevator, SSSSWWWSEE, turn south and open the door of the train car.

  • Go south, open the station door, go south, open the other station door

  • Leave the elevator, NE, open the door to room 14 and enter the room

  • Turn N and put a quarter in the pay-toilet door

  • Unlock the door with the gold key, and open the door

  • Go to the western town and enter the sheriff's office, and unlock the jail door with the iron key

  • It breaks in the door

  • Go East and turn W and close the door

  • Open the door again

  • WWN, turn E and open the door

  • NEEEEES, look at the iron door and use the screwdriver to remove a screw

  • Take the screw, then open the door

  • It has changed! Enter Cornelius Lyon's date of birth into the combination of the iron door (040872) then open it

  • W and put the Cretan Ornament into the lock on the door W and move the throne

  • Turn E and open the door and go through

  • There is only one essential place you MUST use a quarter - the pay toilet door - but I've included the step which gives you 13 quarters

  • There are doors in the game which you CANNOT open


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    THE NUMBER NINE: A Grim Fangango Page
    Gives hints, cheats, characters, links, and pictures.

  • Knock on the door

  • Use the dead bolt on the door and leave

  • Then go back in and open the door

  • After you're locked up, knock on the door

  • Open the door, and go in

  • If you pull out your scythe in the room Meche's in on the Edge, and try to walk out the door, your scythe will go throught the wall

    kids stories, keypals - Marianne's Story Web
    Feature story is Zaroff's Revenge.

  • Torch in hand, he opened the door leading to the cellar

  • After he thoroughly cleaned and dressed his wound, he entered his bedroom and bolted the door

  • Rainsford, the brave fool that he was, started towards the oven door but before he could lay a finger on the handle, the oven door burst open

    Joe Bussard
    Long article about the legendary 78 collector, reprinted from Washington City Paper.

  • He'd gone door to door holding a 78 so folks could see that he meant music discs and not dog-eared heating bills

    Stolen items up for auction.

  • Benefits

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    Prindle Record Reviews - The Who
    Reviews of nearly every album by The Who.

    Kate, Six-Layer
    Fun for thoughtful, clinically insane folks of all ages.

  • Came right up to me for a scratch then straight to the back door

  • I came home from the dentist this morning, and as I was unlocking the back door, I glanced over at the tub and thought, 'Hmm

  • Since we've been together, he's fallen down a set of stairs and given himself a concussion that knocked him out for a full 30 seconds and caused him to walk around like a mindless ghoul for six weeks, broken his ribs, cracked his head so hard on the garage door opener that he got one of those towering, phallic Bugs-Bunny-cartoon hematomas growing out of his skull, and slit his finger wide open by attempting to separate two frozen hamburger patties using a steak knife.This time, in yet another spectacular display, my husband opened the back door too quickly and cracked his kneecap

    Nightly nonsense endured by a bouncer at two of New York's most popular nightclubs.

  • posted by The Doorman @ | Tuesday, September 05, 2006 Vonnegut My great-uncle -- my mother's father's brother -- survived the during World War II

  • posted by The Doorman @ | Saturday, September 02, 2006 Welcome to Long Island This is what Guidos do when they win the lottery

  • posted by The Doorman @ | Thursday, August 31, 2006 Again Let's say you're in human resources -- in other words, you're the head bouncer -- and you hire some guy, and he turns out to be a pretty decent employee for a while

  • posted by The Doorman @ | Wednesday, August 30, 2006 Football I don't understand what this means...On Sports Illustrated's website, there's a photo gallery featuring SI's list of the '10 Most Feared NFL Players.' Number one on this list is Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Joey Porter

  • posted by The Doorman @ | 'Interview' I did a little Q&A last night with Dan Martino, the program director at, a recently-launched internet radio station that's been the soundtrack to my life for much of this evening.Telling you it's a 'radio station' is a little misleading, because the interview itself is in print, on the site's blog, and I told Dan I'd only show up 'in-studio' if he promised to give me free liquor and indulge my tendency to become intoxicated, obnoxious and violent in unfamiliar situations.You can find my answers to Dan's annoying questions

    101 uses for AOL disks
    It's a simple feat to format and reuse AOL disks, but with a little imagination,
    a truly useful purpose can be found for those white platters invading our ...

  • Mini cutting board (great for the office or the car, use metal door for knife)

  • Money clip (use metal door and discard the plastic case...the 'rich nerd' look is IN this year)

  • Use multiple disks to create an ideal door stopper

  • Wrist slicer - after receiving first AOL bill (use metal door)

  • Solar Eclipse Glasses (open door and look through disk at the sun/moon -actually works)

  • Hidden/spare key holder (crack open 1 side, insert key and then place near door


    Nursing & Medical Limericks, Rhymes, Poems & Stories
    Limericks, rhymes and true stories collected and written by Betty Ann Cassano RN.

  • Tuck them safely inside 'cause the doors aren't too wide And smashed hands are quite cumbersome

  • So hospital doors never close and the people who provide care to the sick remain at or near the bedside

  • That was back in the time when nurses wore white uniforms and caps and the surgery patients weren't wheeled out the front door of the hospital to go home before the anesthesia wore off

  • I could see the elevator door standing open in the distance and thought to myself, "What a lucky break." Jan and I were walking side by side with our heads turned toward each other, still talking, as we continued down the basement hallway

  • Then the elevator door began to close

  • By this time Jan and I were about 20 or 30 feet from the elevator and we both started running so we could press the "Up" button in time to make the door open again

  • And if you pushed the "Up" button quickly enough, the door would open again and you could get in

  • As the elevator door slid open, we couldn't see anyone inside

    ~| The Vintage Vacuum Cleaner Museum |~
    A very detailed and informative site featuring old vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners
    have been around since the 1800's - learn more interesting facts at this ...

  • Coincidentally, along with the appearance of the more sanitary indoor flushing toilet

  • The rest of it is hair, animal dander, dust mites (another whole scary thing to think about); and the smallest portions being pollen, dirt, sand and earth tracked or blown in from outdoors

  • Many door-to-door salesmen sold many beater-bar-type vacuum cleaners by a very simple, yet very disgusting demonstration: They would ask the nice “lady of the house” to pull back the bed covers and linens

    Dr. Xadium presents Red Dwarf vs. Star Trek: Voyager
    Crossover fan fiction comparing the two universes.

    The original Coen brothers screenplay for the film.

  • MINNEAPOLIS SUBURBAN HOUSE Jerry enters through the kitchen door, in a parka and a red plaid Elmer Fudd hat

  • From the studio audience: AUDIENCE Awoooo! KITCHEN We track toward the back door

  • We hear the crack of the back-door window being smashed

  • UPSTAIRS BEDROOM As the two men enter, a door at the far side is slamming shut

  • A cord snakes in under the door

  • The phone pops out of her hands, jangles across the tile floor, smashes against the door and then bounces away, its cord ripped free

  • With a groaning sound, the door shifts in its frame

  • BEDROOM Grimsrud has a crowbar jammed in between the bathroom door and frame, and is working it

  • The door creaks, moving as one piece in its frame

  • The groaning of the door ends with the wood around its knob splintering and the knob itself falling out onto the floor

  • The door swings open

  • BEDROOM Jean rushes toward the door, cloaked by the shower curtain but awkwardly trying to push it off

  • He goes to his car, opens its front door, pulls out a red plastic scraper and starts methodically scraping off the thin crust of ice that has developed on his windshield zum bitteren ende.
    Dealing with all forms of media and comedy.

  • It seems that criminals don't like Cory Booker's plan to clean up the streets of Newark, but instead of starting a letter writing campaign or handing out flyers door-to-door, they decided that killing him would be a heck of a lot easier

    Civil War Memories of Robt. C. Carden
    Robert C. Carden was born in Coffee County, Tennessee on July 4, 1843, the youngest
    of the five children of Reuben and Sarah (nee' Henry) Carden.

    Burning Man : Bad Times on the Green Tortoise
    Personal account of trip taken with Green Tortoise Travel Company to Burning Man 2001.

  • The Hostel had placed a sensor near the door to detect anybody going down the stairs, so they could catch them and, as the staff explained, toss him out without a refund

  • I found my way back to the bus, this time leaving my shoes back the back door, now that I knew where my assigned sleeping space was

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