Sound file site containing free downloadable sound files from movies, television,
cartoons, comedy and sound effects. Now also broadcasting a variety of music ...

Soundrangers Sound Effects and Royalty Free Music Downloads
Sound effects and music downloadable in WAV and AIFF format. Custom sound design

  • Easy previews and immediate downloads in the sound file format of your choice

  • If you have received a corrupted sound file or damaged sound effects cd's, contact us at and we will promptly regenerate your purchase

  • We started out with stereo, full bandwidth (44k/16 bit) wav files and compressed them down to mono, 48kbps, mp3's using Flash

  • -music cuts Custom Sound Design Projects: About Our Sounds: The sound effects and music demo files you hear on the site are lo-fi because they've been compressed for ease of page loading and auditioning

  • In some cases this makes the demo files sound slightly different than the full bandwidth version

  • In all cases the demo files, both sound effects and music are low quality versions of the original files

  • Meaning the the demo files are the exact same length and content as the real sound files and the looping demo files are the same as the original sounds, just looping

  • In multimedia it's often necessary to lower the file size (downsample) sound effects and music by reducing the sample rate and bit depth of the file

  • Downsampling does adversely affect sound quality, however, our sound effects are designed for this so they retain more of their quality than non-optimized sound files, even after being downsampled

    DVD Audio MP3 Converter(Encoder,Decoder) CD WAV Midi WMA MP3 MMF ...
    Developer of MP3 WAV Maker and CD WAV Maker converters, and MP3 CD Maker, which
    creates normal audio CDs from MP3 files. [Win95/98/Me/NT/2000]

  • is a powerful MP3 converter which helps you encode & decode your favorite music files between MP3 format and wave format easily and quickly

  • All you need to do is drag sound files into the program, then click the convert button

  • is the ideal all-in-one tool to convert batches of audio formats MP3, WAV, WMA, VQF, OGG from one format to another, It supports converting from any of the audio format file to another formats only one click

  • It's the best DVD ripping software to convert DVD and rip it! With DVD Audio Ripper Help, you can extract complete music info from DVD vob files and provides you luxuriant sound effects is an intuitive audio software package that will allow you to create your own sound collaborations using WAVE's and MP3's you find on the Internet or record from your microphone or CD

  • With you can quickly and easily rename your music collection using the embedded tag data within .mp3 and .vqf files, write new or edit existing tag information, create tags based on file names and get songs information from CDDB

  • is an easy-to-use tool with an Explorer-like interface which allows you catalog the drives with MP3 files: the CD-ROMs, hard drives (including network drives), optical disks, ZIP and JAZ disks, and other media with MP3 files

    Sound Effects, Production Music, Royalty Free Music, MP3 AIF WAV ...
    Online commercial sound effects and music library.

  • Downloadable Sound Effects Library and Production Music Libraries About Sounddogs FAQ & Support Production Music Sound Effects Video Demo Overview of Sounddogs Silvina Soncini Memorial Fund ? Monthly Contest Contact Us About Us Strategic Partners Sounddogs News Preferred Links Technologies Contact Support Frequent Questions Credit Card Errors Legal Notice Privacy Policy Payment Methods End User License Copyright Rates / Prices Content Partners Sound Effects Links End User License Copyright Rates / Prices Content Partners QuickTime (10MB) Windows Media (8 MB) Quick Search Downloadable Sounds Sound Effects Production Music Samples and Loops Vocals Surround Sound Effects Downloadable Dog Packs Ringtones Purchase a Prepaid Account Packaged Products Sound Effects CDs Buyout Music CDs Royalty Free Music CDs Account & Profile New User Login Existing Customer Login Welcome to the world's first online sound effects library

  • info: MUSIC WAV FILE

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    iCast demo site.

    WAV to MIDI, wav to mid converter, music transcribe software ...
    WAV to MIDI converter for music transcription, chord analysis and making MIDI files.

  • AmazingMIDI WAV to MIDI converter for music transcription What is AmazingMIDI? AmazingMIDI automatically transcribes music, converting WAV files into MIDI files

  • It's a powerful tool to help you to transcribe music, to practice musical instruments and to make MIDI files, and so on

  • AmazingMIDI creates an Output File (.mid) from an Input File (.wav) that contains musical data, and a Tone File (.wav) that consists of monotone data

  • AmazingMIDI analyzes the Input File, assuming that every sound in the file is played with the same tone color as the one in the Tone File

  • Supported File Formats Input/Tone File (wav): PCM, 16-bit, 22.050kHz/44.100kHz, mono/stereo Output File (mid): Standard MIDI File, Format 0 Here is a sample file converted with AmazingMIDI

  • Try to listen! --> What's New Version 1.70 (August 20, 2003) AmazingMIDI is now freeware! Thanks to all who have previously registered, your support is really appreciated! Expanded maximum file size up to 1024 seconds (17 mins 4 seconds) Download AmazingMIDI is freeware and may be freely copied and distributed as long as the entire unmodified program is copied and no fee is charged

    South West TAFE music archive sound files
    Small WAV samples and full MP3 versions of music from South West Australian artists.

  • South West TAFE music archive sound files The page povides access to sound files available for listening and downloading

  • Streaming audio lets you hear the song quickly, WAV files are small samples of songs, the MP3 files are full songs in MP3 format

  • For further information on MP3 files and software click

    Canvaswerks Favorite Spooky Halloween Midi and Wave Sound Effects ...
    Large selection of music and wavs from scary movies.

  • Canvaswerks Favorite Spooky Halloween Midi and Wave Files Sound effects, music, evil laughs, screams and misc

  • All these files were found at various sites on the net, during my never ending searches for the perfect music

  • Enjoy (Left click to play, right click save as, to download.) (the spooky one) (another spooky one) From the Play Phantom of the Opera Midi Unknown titles- But Great Horror Midi files none the less Sound Effects Wave files Midi effects music & sounds Visit the Spooky Halloween Special Effects Painting, Photo & Poetry Gallery (All have creepy music and poems) Hit refresh if the pages do not load after a reasonable amount of time

  • Benefits

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    KTH Speech, Music and Hearing :: Snack Home Page
    Module for basic sound handling (sound card and disk I/O); includes primitives
    for sound visualization, eg waveforms and spectrograms. [Open Source, GPL]

  • Snack has commands for basic sound handling, such as playback, recording, file and socket I/O

  • Extensible, new commands, filters, and sound file formats can be added using the Snack C-library

  • Supported sound file formats: WAV, AU, AIFF, MP3, CSL, SD, SMP, and NIST/Sphere News Snack v2.2.10 released December 01 Bug fix release

  • The following three statements shows how to create a sound object, read audio data from a WAV-file into it and finally play the sound: snack::sound snd snd read ex1.wav snd play To get a graphical representation of this sound you can draw its waveform using these statements: canvas .c pack .c .c create waveform 0 0 -sound snd Using Python The same functions with Snack and Python would be snd = Sound()'ex1.wav') And for the graphics c = SnackCanvas() c.pack() c.create_waveform(0, 0, sound=snd) Last updated January 23, 2006 Published by: TMH, Speech, Music and Hearing Kare Sjolander, Last updated: Monday, 23-Jan-2006 17:43:35 MET

    Audio Guide for Web Developers
    Basic instruction on embedding sound files within HTML documents. Includes coverage
    of copyright issues.

  • This is a guide to the use of audio files in your web pages

  • It explains the most common file types and their uses, it explains how to code audio links in your pages, it lists major sources of audio files and clips, and it gives you brief copyright guidance as to what you can and should do with audio files

  • Although most computers come with a built-in speaker, it is of low quality, and audio files will generally not play through it

  • To play music quality sound files, it requires a sound card and speakers attached to the card

  • Sound files, by their nature are quite large

  • Most types of sound files are based on taking very frequent samples of the complex sound waves and digitally recreating those sound waves during playback

  • The faster the sampling, the higher the quality of sound, but the larger the file

  • Low quality files are typically sampled 11, 000 times per second

  • File sizes may be reduced somewhat by compression techniques

  • These are apt to be the largest files for a given length of audio

  • Later sound files use the extensions .ai, .aif, .mp2 or .mp3, and .wav

  • was the first company to produce streaming audio files and broadcast of live events

    Royalty free Music Loops, Sound Effects and Classical Loops
    Production music and sound library with royalty free music loops, drum loops and
    sound effects for multimedia webmasters and games developers.

  • Download the highest quality stereo WAV , MP3 and SWF files fresh original cutting edge music and sound fx zipped and ready for Flash presentations, web design, software and game development

  • Your download will contain high quality MP3 and stereo WAV files

  • Your download will contain WAV, SWF files and HTML code

  • Your download will contain WAV, SWF files and HTML code

  • Small file sizes ideal for fast paced Flash presentations in web design and game development

  • Your download will contain WAV, SWF files and HTML code

  • Your download will contain WAV, SWF files and HTML code

  • Your download will contain high quality MP3 and stereo WAV files

  • Your download will contain high quality MP3 and stereo WAV files

  • Your download will contain WAV, SWF files and HTML code

  • Your download will contain WAV, SWF files and HTML code

  • contain 5 wav files which are themed short real life recorded sound effects such as water splash bubbles fireworks or modem dial tone ring and office paper rips

  • Your download will contain high quality stereo WAV files

    Wav to MIDI conversion and music transcription software - Solo ...
    WAVE to MIDI conversion and editing software. Extracts music scores out of
    monophonic audio recordings.

  • You can open wav files or directly record your own solo performances

  • Once your wav file is ready, you can launch Solo Explorer's wav to midi conversion engine to convert your wav file to midi

  • Solo Explorer converts wav files to MIDI

  • It captures pitch, loudness, and performance effects (vibrato, portamento, glissando) of your monophonic wav files as faithfully as possible (music analysis, music composition)

  • It extracts midi score out of your wav files with the highest accuracy available with today's technology (music composition, ethnomusicology research, music transcription and typesetting, interface for content-based music retrieval)

  • Solo Explorer cannot handle polyphonic wav files (except for unison performances), i.e

  • Thus, you can convert hundreds of waw files by a single mouse click


    Free sound effects, digital music creation and fruity loops at ...
    Royalty free music loops and sample CDs.

  • The pricing for these files range anywhere from $19.99 on up to around $199.99 here at our store

  • Round out your Kurzweil with this one! Only $169.95 Discovery SFX 4 - Sound Complex Finally a library of Sound FX in .wav file format! This brand new Sound FX library is ready to be loaded up and used- a mixed-mode CD-ROM containing audio and .wav formats makes dropping sound FX into your production easier than ever! Sound Complex combines selections from all three titles in this series Urbanscapes, Fiction & Fantasy and All Living Things as well as a collection of expressive music clips perfect for multi-media, radio and television production

  • - An audio collection of movie, music, comedy, and wrestling in WAV and MP3 files

  • - An archive of sound effects, parodies, television, and movie WAV files

    The Sound Effects Library
    The largest auditionable on line sound effects and music samples library. 1000s of
    sound effects added daily.

  • | 14 September 2006 The Sound Effects Library » Email » Password » Remember Me? » Sound Effects » Music Samples » Music Tracks » Sample CD's & DVD's » Free Search » Listen In Real Time » Instant Delivery Listen in real time and instantly purchase from over 250, 000 professional sound files, delivered in 16 Bit 44.1 / 48 Khz Aiff or Wav file formats, from £1.00 to £25 Through Our SECURE Online Credit Card Transaction Service Get up to 200% extra free » Need an on-line translation program? Try » Need an on-line Currency converter? » Sign up for a free account and recieve over £100 worth of sounds free! » Free animations coming soon 250, 000 + Sound Effects, Music Samples, Sample Packs & Royalty Free Music Tracks This site requires Macromedia Flash to audition audio

    Howstuffworks "How MP3 Files Work"
    Thorough four-part tutorial describing how MP3 files work and how to start
    collecting and playing MP3 files yourself, with some related links.

  • Popular Searches > > > > > > > Sponsored By: Subjects > > > > > > > > > > > > > > How MP3 Files Work by Table of Contents Need an MP3 player? If you're looking for a portable music player, there are a ton of options

  • If you have ever wondered how MP3 files work, or if you have heard about MP3 files and wondered how to use them yourself, then this article is for you! In this article, you will learn about the MP3 file format and how you can start downloading, listening to and saving MP3 files onto CDs! >> Top Selling IPods 30 GB (Hard Drive), 7500 Songs, 4.8 oz., Audio Files: MP3, WAV, AAC, MP3 VBR, AIFF

  • Video Files: MPEG-4, H.264

  • $225 - $300 from 16 stores 4 GB (Built-in Memory), 1000 Songs, 1.5 oz., Audio Files: MP3, WAV, AAC, MP3 VBR, AIFF

  • Display Size: 1.5 inch $169 - $250 from 16 stores 60 GB (Hard Drive), 15000 Songs, 5.5 oz., Audio Files: MP3, WAV, AAC, MP3 VBR, AIFF

  • Video Files: MPEG-4, H.264

  • $339 - $400 from 20 stores >> Table of Contents: &#155 Introduction to How MP3 Files Work &#155 &#155 &#155 &#155 &#155 &#155 &#155

    Audio/Video Editing, Converter Software (CD MP3 WAV WMA OGG AVI ...
    All-in-one audio/video multimedia application. Includes player, converter, editor,
    effects processor, recorder, audio/data CD/DVD burner, media management, ...

  • Powerful, yet easy to use feature to Extract and save audio content of video files to sound files Apply to audio files Use the software's audio editing feature to, providing a solution to etc

  • Supported formats include BMP, EMF, GIF, J2K, JPG, PCX, PNG, RAS, TGA, TIF, and WMF Insert images into existing video files or create new videos from a collection of image files Create video files from still frame images and other videos , using the software's feature Add over 30 effects and color adjustment operations to your video for powerful enhancement and alternation is available for AVI (uncompressed), AVI (compressed using any available codec), MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV, and ASF You can use a comprehensive set of operations: crop, delete frame, delete selection (video and/or audio), trim, adjust audio volume, and much more Click supported conversions to see even more possibilities Combination Audio and Video Capabilities Blaze Media Pro's unique Media Manager makes it easy to work with all your audio and video creations - playback at your fingertips

  • Even rename, copy, move, or tag files instantly

  • to safekeep your multimedia creations (or any other files) ISO burner feature included with the Data CD/DVD burner from CD/DVD layout , such as WAV, WMA, and MP3, into video files using the video editing feature or Extract Audio Content feature Work with specific tracks, frames, or even a range of seconds Once you combine your audio and video, batch processing is available with the Batch Video Processor feature

    THE Magic Sounds of the Little Music Club
    Various categories of sound effects in WAV format.

  • For copyright purposes you should contact their respective owners by checking the properties section of each file where applicable..Enjoy it CD-ROM from Partners In Rhyme is filled with music loops, ambient loops, sound effects and button clicks

    Sound Explorer Search Engine
    Comprehensive WAV search engine.

    Rajshri's Music
    Film songs from Rajshri's hit movies.

    Visual CD Ripper:CD Ripper,CD Rip,CD to WMA, CD to OGG, CD to WAV ...
    Extract and encode audio tracks to MP3, OGG, WMA and WAV files from CDs. [Windows

  • Visual CD Ripper can also Convert WAV files to MP3, WMA and OGG files

  • Supports the multi-threaded operation of copying a CD and generating mp3 files at the same time Supports multiple CD-ROM drivers

  • It also supports converting WAV to MP3, WMA and OGG files

  • Rip CD -- It grabs from digital CD audio's tracks and saves them to files of MP3, WAVE, OGG or WMA format

  • It can convert WAVE files to MP3 WMA and OGG files

  • Edit MP3 File's ID3 tag information

  • It's fast, no temporary files are created during ripping and converting

  • It Can Play CD, Supports the multi-threaded operation of copying a CD and generating mp3 files at the same time

  • V2.00 Easy MP3 CD Burner is a CD-Burning software that enables you quickly and easily to create your own custom audio CDs from existing MP3 or WAV files on your system

  • Easy MP3 CD Burner features: Burn Audio CD from MP3, WAV files on-the-fly

  • Captured sounds can be saved in wav, mp3, Raw, G276, ogg and vox files

  • For example, you can use Visual Sound Recorder to record: Audio from the Internet, either audio files or live streams

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