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  • | Email: Password: | Search: Ghostwriter Originally on: PBS (30 min.) Status: Ended Premiered: September 1, 1992 Last Aired: December 6, 1997 Show Category: Ghostwriter was the story of a group of New York City kids, brought together by the spiritual being known as 'Ghostwriter'

  • The series featured a cast of widely different ethnic groups, and focused on the concept of 'making reading fun.' The show was renewed for 1 year as The New Ghostwriter Mysteries' on CBS

  • Nov 9, 1997 9.00 Cast and Crew Grandma CeCe Jenkins Alex Fernandez Lenni Frazier Rob Baker (1992-1993) Gaby Fernandez (1992-94) Tina Nguyen Jamal Jenkins Hector Carrero Casey Austin Gaby Fernandez (1994-95) More: Tell the world what you think of Ghostwriter, write a review for this show

  • Community Reviews 9.1 Superb 'Classic' A floating ghost ball thing helps kids solve mysteries...crazy! Posted Jul 15, 2006 3:46 pm PST 8.7 Great 'Unintentionally funny' I find this show absolutely funny; just not at the times they intended it to be

  • Posted Jun 19, 2006 12:38 pm PST 9.5 Superb 'Classic' An influential show that I'll miss greatly

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  • | to personalize   | Showing page 1 of 19 categorized awards & nominations other works photo gallery resume miscellaneous sound clip(s) video clip(s) Phil Brown (I) Date of birth (location) Date of death (details) Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA

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  • show or movie be sure to read through the story for ideas

  • shows play music from the program and tape characters on each chair

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  • 26 September 2006 » Like this page? The Goon Show The BBC Transcription Services recorded Goon Shows for issue to overseas radio stations


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  • Based on his famous radio show of the same name, the TV run consolidated Tony Hancock's standing as Britain's leading comic of the day, the entertainer providing ample proof that his wonderfully flexible face could be as expressive as his dextrous radio voice

  • The screen Hancock's misery was the viewer's delight - the many millions who watched the shows saw something in the frustrated funster with which they could identify while consoling themselves that their lot wasn't as bad as his

  • This was not a traditional sitcom, however: Hancock's character, position and profession changed from week to week, and the intentionally unreal feel of the production was compounded by the irregularly recurring support cast of actors appearing in different roles - affectionately named the East Cheam Repertory Company after the Surrey town in which the TV show, like the radio version, was ostensibly located (Hancock's abode, 23 Railway Cuttings, became the most famous address in British comedy)

  • Gallery Images - Click for a bigger image Clips Cast - Tony Hancock - Sidney James Crew - Writer - Writer - Producer (55) - Producer (1) - Producer (short special) Transmission Details Number of episodes: 57 Length: 56 x 30 mins ยท 1 x short special Series One (6) 6 July-14 Sep 1956, fortnightly Fri mostly 9.30pm Series Two (6) 1 Apr-10 June 1957, fortnightly mostly Sun 8pm Short special part of These Are The Shows 28 Sep 1957, Sat 8pm Series Three (11) 30 Sep-16 Dec 1957, Mon 8pm Series Four (13) 26 Dec 1958-27 Mar 1959, Fri 9.05pm then 7.30pm Series Five (10) 25 Sep-27 Nov 1959, Fri mostly 8.30pm Series Six (10) 4 Mar-6 May 1960, Fri 8.30pm then 7.30pm The information in the Guide to Comedy is complied from 'The Radio Times Guide to Television Comedy' by Mark Lewisohn, published by BBC Books - Beatles TV gem resurfaces - November 8, 2001
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  • 7/27/06 Women in showbiz have made great strides to be sure -- even in the eight short years that this publication has been celebrating their accomplishments in our feature reports

  • 4 - 6, 2006 in millions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 view: Tuesday , June 20, 2006 Top Show Tot NBA Finals-Game 6 (ABC) 12.8 mil Top Shows A18-49 NBA Finals-Game 6 (ABC) 5.3/15 Last Comic Standing (NBC) 3.5/10 Law & Order: SVU (NBC) 3.2/9 Networks ABC 4.4/13 NBC 3.1/9 FOX 2.9/9 CBS 1.6/5 from Nielsen Media Research preliminary results

    The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
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  • Leone shows us the same tenacity in "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly", as the bridge in question crosses waters that are hardly 4feet deep

  • The image is razor sharp and does not show signs of age or scratches

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  • [ Manhunter probably inspired the short-lived (8 episodes) NBC-TV series titled Unsub (1989) with David Soul - an ahead-of-its-time 'forensic or crime scene investigation' show that likewise led to this 1991 film, and also to the police procedural TV show Profiler (first appearing on NBC in 1996) and to the immensely popular CBS-TV show CSI (and its spinoffs).] The intimate and disturbing characterizations of mass murderers who mutilate their victims (usually female) were shocking, particularly the character of evil personified - the notorious, cobra-like, intelligent psychiatrist turned psychopath Hannibal Lecter (portrayed masterfully by British actor Anthony Hopkins) and his bargaining game to share information about another wanted serial killer ("Buffalo Bill") with dedicated, fledgling, vulnerable and rising female FBI agent-trainee/investigator Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster)

  • Chilton, who runs the facility where Lecter is imprisoned, is rebuffed for showing some uninvited letchery toward the seemingly-helpless young woman

  • The menacing, fiendish, but polite, suave and gracious Hannibal takes the initiative and urges the clever, intelligent, but inexperienced Clarice to step closer to his cell to show her ID credentials: 'Closer, please

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  • It will also show a jam in London

  • Above pic shows Asid, Blue, Stephane and Sticky on stage in the campus theatre as ez talks on the mic before showing a promo DVD

  • ITV The week beginning Monday the 7th of August, will see a piece about UF's involvement with the Jump Westminster project being shown on ITV

  • It'll show unseen footage that we've been compiling along with some interviews

  • Its A Wrap 26th of July saw the UF team complete filming for a new Nokia 5500 advert in Elephant & Castle, London, to be aired in conjunction with the 'X Factor' TV show

  • NGA TX Date The No Girls Allowed TV show featuring Blue in a race against a trials motorbike across an assault course, will be aired on Saturday the 12th of August at 10am on UK's Channel 5

  • Man V Machine 19th of July saw UF's Blue, take up a challenge set by producers of the UK's Channel 5 TV show, 'No Girls Allowed', to go head to head in a race against a motorbike trials rider

  • During the previous recce stages, he showed ez and the production team a handful of his regular haunts and they are all nothing short of awesome, so expect to see something very fresh being produced

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  • We treated it as a littlefarm - no flowers, nothing just for show - because it worked for us, but for different children you may need to be less purist about theedible ethic

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  • Number 11 O'Clock Show, 227, 24, 2dtv, 2 Fat Ladies, 2 Guys A Girl & A Pizza, 2 Ronnies (Normal and Full Versions), 2 Stupid Dogs, 20th century fox, 21 Jump Street, 2 Point 4 Children, 3-2-1 Opening, 3 Stooges, 3rd Rock From The Sun, 30 Something, 6 Million Dollar Man, 64 zoo lane, 77 Sunset Strip, 8 Is Enough, 8.15 From Manchester, 999 Lifesavers

  • [] F F-Troop, Falcon Crest, Fall Guy, Fame, Fame Academy, Families, Family Fortunes, Family Guy, Family Ness, Famous Five, Fantastic Max, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Island, Fast Forward, Fast Show, Fat Dog Mendoza, Father Ted, Fawlty Towers, Fear Factor, Felix The Cat, Fenn Street Gang, FIA F1 Intro, Film 72-98, Fifteen To One, Fimbles, Finders Keepers, Fingerbobs, Fingermouse, Fireball XL5, Firehouse, Firefly (2 Versions), Fireman Sam (Part And Full Versions), Flambards, Flamingo Road, Flashing Blade, Flintstones, Flipper, Flumps (Ending), Flying Doctors, Flying Rhino Junior High, Follyfoot, Food & Drink, Football Italia, Forest Rangers, Fort Boyard, Fortean TV, Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends, Four Feather Falls, Fraggle Rock, Frank Skinner Show, Frasier, Freakazoid, Fresh Fields, Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Friends, Frost Report, Funhouse, Funky Phantom, Fury, Futurama


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  • For instance, census numbers show Smith County's population fell more than 75 percent between (when there were 16, 384 residents recorded ) and (4, 121, down 9 percent just since 2000)

  • It was only last year that my dad showed me the Moran and O'Malley graves, and that was the first time I saw where the people who had drowned were buried

  • The cemetery's records show he's there, somewhere

  • When I was 17 or so, we drove out to Miller Beach, and she showed me the big house the family had rented for a couple of weeks that August

  • I've sent messages through the CNN site asking what gives, but so far no answer.] Technorati Tags:, Posted by Dan Brekke at 09:44 AM | My Other Blog About Flickr This is a Flickr badge showing public photos from

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  • [] Host Series 1 to 4: Series 5 and 6: Edward Tudor-Pole [] Co-hosts 'Mumsy' the fortune teller, played by Sandra Caron [] Broadcast Chatsworth Television for Channel 4, 1990-5 [] Synopsis Before the show itself, a few words about the structure of the Maze - a huge, custom-built set which was the largest in Europe

  • [] The show in brief Each show, a different team of six contestants (three male and three female) are led around the Maze by their host (pictured)

  • They could be release and play a further part in the show, but only if the team sacrificed one of the team's time crystals

  • The Dome represents the denouement of the show - the absolute climax where all the time crystals collected are converted into time and, possibly, prizes! All time crystals earned (typically somewhere between four and eight) are worth five seconds worth of collection time each

  • A fact that wasn't lost on the programme's makers was that a staggering 40% of the audience watching the show were young (16 years old or less)

  • The logic goes that the youngsters watched the show because they loved seeing all the adults make a complete fool of themselves by getting locked into rooms and falling into water tanks

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  • Once the show was cancelled, Jessica continued getting lead roles in feature films like the live-graphic flick Sin City , based on Frank Miller's ultra dark comic series, and the treasure hunt adventure, Into The Blue

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  • b: 26 Dec 01 d: (60 min) gs: [ Brendan Baxter ], [ Insp Ted Parnevik ], [ Sgt Heather Davey ], [ Moira Jane Lowe ], [ Gary Basco ], [ Velda Bessie Winstanley ], [ Coral ], [ Janet Blaydon ], [ Reporter ], [ Nurse ], Yasmin Wilde [ WPC ] rc: Adam Klaus Carla Borrego has taken up a new role on a 'true crime' TV show, produced by her new husband, Brendan Baxter, and she is horrified when he invites Creek to assist them in their investigations of a series of murders seemingly committed by a man wearing a Davy-Crockett-style coonskin cap

  • Creek has to explain the two incidents, while not being distracted by Brendan Baxter's new TV show, featuring a lie detector used on contestants while answering intimate questions

  • b: 14 Feb 04 d: (60 min) gs: [ Brendan Baxter ], [ Det Insp Adrian Fell ], [ Hattie Baron ], [ Sgt Herbie Bryant ], [ Jessica Fell ], [ Patrick Jason MacDonald ], Jordon Leon [ Roy ], [ Waterboard worker ], [ Marty ], Fergus Craig [ Paramedic ], [ Officer ], [ Boy ] rc: Adam Klaus Carla Borrego is making a program about the work of a police officer, Det Insp Adrian Fell, but a journalist's investigations seem to show that he is not the model police officer he might seem

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