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  • Current Users - Please see the 'News Page' for latest Update 2006.05 released 9/20/06 Welcome to the BEAMCHEK HOME PAGE BeamChek is the quick, accurate and easy to use structural design software for residential architects, professional home designers, engineers, and design/build contractors

  • Calculate beams, joists, and rafters with confidence and speed

  • The BeamChek database includes steel, wood, timber, glu-lams, and structural composite lumber

  • Advanced Wood Beam Analysis ● Size beams, rafters, floor joists, hips and valleys ● Enter up to a dozen multiple, complex loads ● Solve simple span or overhanging conditions ● Select from 57 wood species or input custom values ● National Design SpecificationĀ® (NDS 97 or 01) wood values ● Size steel, glu-lams and LVL beams ● Design columns with steel and wood ● Click instant help buttons for diagrams & code information ● Built-in boundary and error checking ● Easy to read printout with a loading diagram Simple User Interface BeamChek is not just another Spreadsheet requiring Microsoft Excel, nor is it full of cryptic icons just for the sake of having icons

    Looking for Steel bolards? Soccer goal posts? Site Furnishings ...
    Designs and fabricates residential, commercial, and municipal park and recreational
    fixtures. Includes details, photos and contact information.

  • Custom Park & Leisure's top quality engineered pedestrian bridges are available in structural steel, laminated wood beam, solid wood beam and low rail designs

    Lumber-Link Post & Beam Kits
    Economical, heavy duty post and beam structual framing connectors. Use this
    hardware socket system to create your barn, garage, shed, workshop or storage ...

  • WOOD FRAME JOINERY HARDWARE Designed for your use in: Timber Frame Construction - Post & Beam Structures - Pole Buildings Where ease of construction, durability, and your esthetic values, matter ! (The old way.) Space-robbing triangular wood trusses are no match for open, usable space as shown in the left and right photos above

  • How post & beam, timber frame and pole building is done today

  • Structural "T-s" or Steel Beams allow for wider buildings, additions or second floors - the possibilities are endless! The cost of hardware per GABLE ROOF two column frame is $260.00 (hardware components are sold and discounted by the tip-up, two column frame)

    Acoustoelastic Phenomena of Wood
    Yasutoshi Sasaki and Kosei Ando Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Nagoya University
    Nagoya 464-8601, Japan (NDT-net)

  • Additionally, bending stress distributions in wood beam specimen were estimated by measuring ultrasonic velocity, that is, by the acoustoelastic method

  • Additionally, stress distributions in bending of wood beam specimen are estimated by measuring ultrasonic velocity

  • Beam specimens were processed from air-dried lumber, which was the same material as used in the acoustoelastic experiment (Chapter 2), Dimensions (length x height x breadth) of the specimens were about 210 cm x 12 cm x 1.5 cm

  • At the upper positions (52.5, 70, 80, and 90 mm from the lower edge) of the beam specimen, the shear wave velocities increased due to the loading and resulted in positive changes

  • The results from the above and the acoustoelastic experiments show that the tensile bending stresses were distributed in the upper side of the beam specimen and the compressive in the lower side

  • Their magnitudes were greater in the outer sides of the beam than in the inner sides near the neutral axis

  • They were the experimental values of the individual specimens which were obtained from the measuring positions of ultrasonic waves in the beam specimen

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    Recycled Antique Lumber, Reclaimed Used Timber, Old Wood Flooring.
    Vintage Timberworks supplies recycled seasoned old growth lumber, beams, timbers,
    and antique wood flooring reclaimed from the dismantling of aniquated ...

  • Vintage Timberworks supplies recycled seasoned old growth lumber, beams, timbers, and antique flooring reclaimed from the dismantling of antiquated structures in which it has been "warehoused" for up to 200 years

  • Recycled timber is from original stands of old growth forest and, as a result has unparalleled architectural quality, character, and is perfect for applications in timber frames, architectural trusses, open beam ceilings, exposed headers, trellis work, mantles, flooring, millwork, furniture, and moldings

  • Vintage Beam Ceiling Old Growth Forest Harvest Circa 1900 Antique wood is truly unrivaled in terms of its beauty, density and clarity

    truss repairs, arch repairs -- Timber Restoration, Inc ...
    Comprehensive structural evaluation, repairs and erection of wood and heavy timber
    structures. Emergency shoring, Glulam, laminated wood arches, trusses, ...

  • Capabilities Structural wood framing systems inspections and inspection reports Inspections include photographic documentation and engineering calculations Cost analysis of required repairs Structural engineering and consultation with project engineers and architects Innovative repair design for most cost-efficient repair methods State of the art repairs to structural wood framing systems, including glued laminated, mechanically laminated wood beams and solid-sawn wood beams Bowstring and other truss configurations, glued laminated wood arches and columns Epoxy injection repairs 24-hour emergency shoring services Complete replacement of beams, columns, arches, and trusses In-place preservative treatment Timber structures maintenance and inspection programs Seismic rehabilitation Heavy timber erection Heavy timber engineering Heavy timber shop drawings Fabricator and supplier of heavy timber structures and their components wood repair beam repair truss reapir structural repair timber

    The Window Glossary - wdma.com
    An indexed list of window terminology.

  • Header (also lintel; beam): Supporting member or beam above window opening which transfers building weight above to the supporting wall structure on each side of the window

  • The term header is generally in reference to a wood beam, whereas 'Lintel' often refers to a steel beam

    "*Timberframe Homes Post & Beam Homes,Timber frame Designs ...
    Designer and manufacturer of timber frame homes and light commercial buildings.

  • Mill Creek Post & Beam Company Inc

  • 1970 Holbert Cove Road, Saluda, NC 28773 828-749-8000 Fax 828-749-8001 Email: Copyright © Mill Creek Post & Beam Co., Inc

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    Timber Bridge Research
    Develop technology that will allow the use of timber bridge components and systems
    to be used in portable or temporary bridge applications.

    Unique gifts, awards & trophies, flooring, post & beam, fireplace ...
    Produces gifts, trophies, post and beam, fireplace mantles, pen sets and picture
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    Structural Design Spreadsheets
    Offers a large range of free Excel spreadsheets for concrete, steel, masonry and
    wood design, and lateral analysis.

  • Special Buy A Package Only $1298 (Total 132 software listed) Foundation Design Retaining Wall for DSA & OSHPD Basement Retaining Wall Concrete Design (Concrete & Wood) Masonry Design (ACI 530 / IBC 03) (UBC 97) (ACI 530 & UBC) (IBC 03 & UBC) (IBC 06 - ASD & SD) (ACI 530 & UBC) (IBC 06 / ACI 530-05) (IBC 03 & UBC) Wood Design Diaphragm-Ledger-CMU Steel Design (Joist, Beam, Wall, Column) (AISC 13th & AISC 9th) (AISC 13th & AISC 9th ) (AISC 9th) (AISC 13th) Lateral Analysis & Design Loads (IBC 2000) (IBC 2003) (AISC 9th) (AISC 13th) (IBC 06, 03 & 00) (IBC 06 & CBC 01) (IBC 06 & CBC 01) (IBC 06 & CBC 01) (ASCE 7 & UBC 97) (IBC 2006) Technical Support You will receive, by email attachments, your purchased spreadsheets within 48 hours

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    Manufactures range of mid sized laser cutting machines. Includes stand alone
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  • Beam Dynamics | Home :: SPOTLIGHTS :: Beam Dynamics is the world's leading manufacturer of affordable laser cutting solutions for a wide range of industries including: BEAM laser products are superbly engineered machine tools designed to be easy to operate and provide parts of unparalleled quality

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  • APPLICATIONS BEAM’s laser machines are ideal for high throughput parts manufactured from a variety of materials: Our products can reduce your manufacturing costs while producing higher quality parts at unparalleled speeds

  • Questions about BEAM's Products or Services? Contact a Sales Representative at 650-654-4453 or

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    Log Home Finishes, Sealants, Woodguard, Perma-Chink
    On line source for log home finishing products.

  • CATALOG Welcome to LogFinish.com, where you will find all the products you need to maintain the beauty and integrity of your Log Home! For Log Homes, Cedar Homes and Post & Beam Homes The deep penetrating, oil based, Wood Preservative and Log Home Finish which is rated Number #1 in a independent study of the log home industry

  • For Log Homes, Cedar Homes and Post & Beam Homes X-100 is an oil based Deck Finish System which effectively protects your deck from cracking, splitting, cupping, curling, sapstain, mold and mildew

  • For Log Homes, Cedar Homes, and Post & Beam Homes Lifeline Interior is a natural waterborne wood finish that highlights the beauty and grain of your wood walls and ceilings while providing a hard protective surface that can be easily cleaned or dusted! Log Home Caulk, Energy Seal, SuperCaulk, Checkmate ENERGY SEAL Log Caulk is designed to seal milled and scribed log homes

  • For Log Homes, Cedar Homes, and Post & Beam Homes Woodguard ITF Interior Wood Finish is a two coat, water based, acrylic finish for the interior of log homes, cedar homes and post and beam homes

  • For Log Homes, Cedar Homes and Post & Beam Homes PERMA-CHINK is a flexible, textured, pure acrylic chinking and sealant with unrivaled durability and appearance

    Vermont Timber Works, Inc. Post & Beam Homes, Heavy Timber, Timber ...
    Custom heavy timber frames and trusses for commercial timber framing projects
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  • 05150 (802) 886-1917 (802) 886-6188 Fax Please Scroll Down For More Thanks for Visiting! Vermont Timber Works - Full Service Timber Frame Company and Post & Beam Supplier For Homes, Houses, Churches, Barns and Commercial Projects 06130 - Delivery Nationwide Welcome to Vermont Timber Works

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    Dave's Construction Dictionary
    Dictionary of construction terms.

  • Also called a collar beam or collar brace

  • These include, and structural I-beams

  • An made of several layers of small-sized glued together into a single, large, strong, structural member that can be used as a column or beam

  • A steel section shaped like a stirrup, which is specially bent so it can be fastened to a beam in order to provide end support for, etc

  • The underside of elements of a building, such as overhangs, staircases and beams

    The BridgeSite - Fun and Learning
    Index with links to resources about bridges.

  • - Building is fun, but it's even funner to watch it blow up! - An extremely cool plug-in for creating math and engineering web content - Very nice wood beam span calculator from the Canadian Wood Council Learning for Pros - Lots of information and tips for steel designers - an Innovative Advanced Course for Structural Engineers - essays, and discussion bridges and engineering, especially covered bridges - Office of Earthquake Engineering - Lots of excellent research

    Carter Holt Harvey: environmentally sustainable wood products ...
    Producer of solid wood, finger-jointed, plywood and laminated veneer lumber (LVL)
    products, with annual capacity exceeding 1.3 million cubic metres .

    Old Barn Wood
    Old barns dismantled, recycled and reused as timber beams, siding, wide plank
    flooring and special architectural uses.

  • Old Barn Wood | Old Barn Wood For Sale, Barn Boards, Siding, Hand Hewn Wood Beams, Reclaimed Wood, Recycled Lumber, Antique Wood Flooring

  • When we recycle this old wood we are saving the past for the enjoyment of future generations by adding authentic Americana to family homes and select commercial facilities From these old barns emerge hand hewn beams, barn boards and reclaimed barn wood that retain the rich patina and character imparted by decades of daily use and of weathering by wind, rain and sun

  • Once its roof starts going, a barns wood beams and barn board interior will quickly start to decay

  • The recent trend is to try to recycle the salvaged lumber, barn boards and reclaimed wood beams from the old barns that are dotted across our American landscape

  • It is perfect for applications in timber frame homes, post and beam construction, open ceiling beams, exposed wood beams, antique wood furniture, exotic wood millwork, barn oak furniture, and moldings

  • Call it what you may, barn boards, hand hewn beams, used lumber, reclaimed wood, used building materials, recycled wood, reclaimed lumber, post and beam barn, recycled lumber, rustic wood, this special antique lumber is prized by architects, craftsmen, builders and those who appreciate our American history

    Wood-polymer bonding in extruded and nonwoven web composite panels
    Technical paper comparing the effectiveness of a maleated polypropylene (MAPP)
    as a coupling agent in extruded wood flour/polypropylene composites, and nonwoven ...

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  • Local Installation (Eastern MA Area) Shed Kits Delivered & Shipped 1-800-368-SHED (7433) Cape Cod, MA USA swingsets swing sets outdoor furniture Woodplay Swing Sets Playground Equipment Residential Play Structures Commercial Play Structures Swingset Parts woodplay Park Structures pine lumber post and beam shed kits designs plans workshop pool shed adirondack chairs patio furniture post and beam barns garages pine sheds usa plans do it yourself cedar picnic tables design cupolas arbors pergolas window boxes furniture kits All material contained herein Copyright Ā© 2000 [capelinks.com / Pine Harbor Wood Products] No part of this web site may be copied or reproduced in any way without the prior written consent of capelinks.com and Pine Harbor Wood Products storage sheds garden sheds shed kits outdoor furniture out buildings outbuildings mini barns shed

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