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Welcome to Wildegeest! A Search for Last Places--A book for those ...
A site that features a book intended to urge people to be gutsie and imaginative
enough to seek a new lifestyle, at whatever age, and thereby regain the ...

Guardian Unlimited Arts | Arts features | Street-fighting man
Feature article in The Guardian, February 28 2004, by Paul O'Keeffe.

Aerial Telly: British TV reviews.
Irreverent reviews of TV shows. Includes some film reviews and comment on media events.


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Aerial Telly: The Thick Of It, BBC 4.
Article offering a review of the programme, and comparing it to other notable
political satires.

The official Cyber-Fortress of your Lords and Masters, GWAR!
The official GWAR website, featuring tour dates, member biographies, art, news
and trivia. Official GWAR merchandise is available for purchase online.

ABC News: Health
RSS feed provides recent headlines on medical and health topics.

[minstrels] The Unspoken -- Edwin Morgan
Text of the poem, plus brief biography.


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Merde in France
"Tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur l'exception française." Blog guerrier réalisé par
un américain vivant en France.

Your Produce Man - Produce News
Syndicated televesion show with produce news, tips on selecting produce, an
extensive recipe collection, and stations carrying the show.

Greensboro, GA News
Local, regional, and statewide news collected from diverse sources on the web.

Calexico News
Local, regional, and statewide news collected from diverse sources on the web.


Scheller's Science Site: Akustische Täuschungen - Acoustic illusions
Stefan Scheller demonstrates the illusion of the Shepard Effect using Bach's
Canon per Tonus. Includes links, credits, theoretical discussion, and illustration ...

Cong-Huyen-Ton-Nu Nha-Trang -- Reearch Papers
Overview by Cong-Huyen-Ton-Nu Nha-Trang on the traditional views on women as
expressed in folklore.

A Californian in the other Sierra Nevada
May 1999 trip in Spain, through provinces of Castilla - La Mancha, Extremadura,
and Andalucia.

ONE TON GORILLA [Brian Smith Blog]
The journey of a man attempting to lose weight.

The Tin Man
Thoughts of a twenty-something gay man who lives across the river from New York City.

The Army Men HomePage
Personal page focusing on army men, cowboys and indians, knights, and spacemen.
With free battle game rules.

CH-53 Sea Stallion / MH-53E Sea Dragon / MH-53J Pave Low III ...
Federation of American Scientists Military Analysis Network. History of the CH-53
Sea Stallion, MH-53E Sea Dragon, and MH-53J Pave Low III craft.

Antarctic Explorers: Roald Amundsen
Biography and detailed overview of Amundsen's expeditions.

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