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Learn to prepare meals while camping and backpacking. Includes information on
using dutch ovens and other methods.

  • Here are recipes for activities ranging from light-weight backpacking to base and long-term camps

  • Contents for all occasions - My personal collection of camping recipes

  • - Check out these recipes from the 130th Duggan

  • Assorted Recipes for Camping - These recipes have been collected from a variety of sources, and will be useful in a variety of outdoor and Scouting situations

  • (7k) (20k) (22k) Recipes and Cooking Techniques

  • Top of Page - Includes some classic breakfast recipes

  • - Tips and Recipes from Scouts-L mail list

  • - Favorite dump cake recipes (scouts-l)

  • - Recipes for this luxury dessert

  • Many recipes and methods also work just as well for regular weekend outings

  • - Here is a wealth of good, well written information on outdoor cooking, firebuilding, recipes and more for the beginning outdoor cook

    Course and Breakfast 8876 Recipes | Recipezaar
    Browse or search by ingredient, cuisine, or preparation. Each recipe includes
    nutritional information.

    All Easy Cooking cobbler, pies, crisp recipes
    Collection assembled from friends, newspapers, boxtops, and magazines over the
    years. Includes Blackberry Cobbler, Apple Cobbler, and Pumpkin Cobbler.

  • All Simple and Easy Cooking Recipe Kitchen Easy and simple to prepare recipes using everyday ingredients

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  • Web www.nancyskitchen.com 1000s of easy recipes articles on finance gardening and genealogy Site Index New/Updated Pages Welcome to All Easy Cooking Recipe Kitchen Cobbler and Crisp Recipes Copyright © 2006 All Easy Cooking Recipe Kitchen Cobbler and Crisp Recipes -These recipes have been collected by from newspapers, magazines, box tops, and friends over the years

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    Food, Picnic, Tailgate, and Backyard Recipes Homepage
    Picnic, tailgating and backyard recipes.

  • Thanks for your because it keeps Alan's Kitchen Foundation running! | Home Perfect Food, & Backyard Recipes and more..

  • > > > > > > > > > > > > > Features: > > > > > > > > > This Week's Featured Recipe * : Try one of these versatile and delicious peanut bars for a quick energy boost, a brown-bag treat, an after-school snack or anytime! New * : An easy pizza ready in only 15 minutes

  • New * are you looking for a great recipe that makes cooking easy? * : A great recipe for any tailgate party that you can check out

  • Click for more Chili recipes

  • What New Dessert Recipes Are You Looking For? Top Dessert Recipes: Top 15 Recipes My mom's menu consisted of two choices: take it or leave it

  • Buddy Hackett We are in the process of adding printer friendly recipes

    Nikibone Dessert Recipes
    Oreo Cheesecake, Peppermint Brownies, Mocha Ice Cream Cake, and Pink Lemonade
    Pie are among the many recipes listed here.

    Alicia's Country Kitchen - Recipes Using Sugar Free Jello
    Contains recipes using sugar free Jello.

  • Alicia's Country Recipe Kitchen for simple easy and quick to prepare recipes

  • Site Index for holiday treats and everyday recipes

  • | Search for Recipes on this Site Web Site Index Holiday Recipes Diet Corner Hundreds of easy to prepare Jello and Sugar Free Jello recipes for salads, pies, cakes, jams, beverage and dessert recipes

  • These recipes were collected from boxes, box tops, cans, packages, newspapers, magazines, church recipe books, friends, and our recipe message board

  • Diet (Sugar Free Recipes) Other Recipes Using Jello Seasonal Recipes My Favorite Jello Recipes 1 lg

    Alicia's Cournty Kitchen - Pineapple Recipes - Pineapple Upside ...
    Collection of recipes including breads, muffins, and salads.

  • Alicia's Country Recipe Kitchen | Join Our Free Daily Recipe Newsletter | Pineapple recipes that have collected from boxes, box tops, cans, packages, newspapers, magazines, church recipe books, friends, and members of our recipe message board

  • You do not need to double the sauce recipe for more wings

  • Alicia's Country Kitchen Recipe Index Recipe Message Board Holiday Recipes Candy Recipes Articles for the Homemaker Recipe Index Barbecue ) © Copyright 1996 Alicia's Country Recipe Kitchen 1 1

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    Camping Food & Dutch Oven Recipes
    Resources and recipes for scouts, contributed by site visitors. Also offers
    scouting information and activities.

  • Web scoutorama.com Free Newsletter Enter Email Address Camping Food & Dutch Oven Recipes Enjoy camping food recipes and resources from Scouts all over the world

  • Find dutch oven recipes, ideas for cooking without utensils, base camp meals, trail food, and more

  • Browse the archive and try one out at your next cookout, campfire, or camping trip! This collection will expand as visitors add their favorite recipes to the database

  • So be a good Scout and leave this area better than you found it! (Recipes must be original, no copyrighted or copied recipes may be submitted.) Recipes Currently showing all 303 recipes

    Home & Hearth: Kids Recipes
    A collection of simple recipes. Some require adult assistance.

  • Note: These recipes are intended to be made with an adult's assistance or supervision unless otherwise noted

  • Craft Recipes Looking for more? Check out

    Christmas Cooking
    A large selection of bake and no bake holiday goodies.

  • Missing an ingredient, or just need some help check the Special treats for our non-human family members - - Check out this sponsor: Not enough time to bake? Let Rummi handle it! While I bake hundreds of pounds a year for family and friends, these two recipes are my 'trademarks'

    Kids Cooking with the Wee Kiwis
    Ask your parent to help you follow these easy recipes.

  • | Whether we're in New Zealand or Alaska, we love to cook! There is nothing like being in a warm and cozy kitchen cooking easy, kid friendly recipes

  • We have some great recipes to share with you, just right for little girls and boys......

  • It's no fun to get hurt so please read this before you try any of these recipes

  • sent us her special recipe to try and we love it! Better try a before it gets too cold outside

  • It's called Grampa's Dump Cake because you just dump everything in a pan and cook it! Are you hungry yet? We are! Our Mum & Auntie Susan have written a cookbook called "For the Love of Cheesecake" and you can see it at, which has lots of links to yummy recipes from the great State of Alaska

  • Visit them for tons of yummy recipes and special holiday recipes

  • We'll be back with more yummy recipes for you to try


    About Camping - resources for campgrounds, outdoor recipes ...
    Camping subsection of a larger portal that has weekly articles, newsletter, chat
    room, forums, outdoor events calendar, and thousands of categorized links to ...

  • Cost: $14.99 (Photo © GSI Outdoors) Tuesday August 8, 2006 | Camping Recipe of the Week This dish is easy to fix with little clean up

  • - a recipe from Cindie: 'I actually found this recipe in an old cookbook

  • Foil wrap recipes are easy to make, quick to fix, and leave little to clean up

  • Whether you're making a recipe from scratch or just reheating leftovers, cooking with foil is an easy way to go

  • Over 300 campground-tested recipes from fellow campers

  • Got a favorite camping recipe? Monday August 7, 2006 | Reservations - Don't make reservations at a campground that you have never visited

  • (Cover Photo © Peter Owen) Tuesday August 1, 2006 | Camping Recipe of the Week Here is another quick and easy meal

  • - a recipe from Betty: 'Round out this meal with a tossed green salad, bread and butter.' Over 300 campground-tested recipes from fellow campers

  • Got a favorite camping recipe? Monday July 31, 2006 | Finding a campground - Not every campground is right for every camper

    Cherry Recipes - Home Cooking
    Recipes using fresh, dried, preserved and canned cherries. From About.com.

  •  You are here: >>> > > Find Recipes - - FREE Newsletter Sign Up Now for the Home Cooking newsletter!   Search Cherry Recipes If you arrived here via a search engine, don't miss the full article on, which includes information on cherry history, selection, storage, and cooking tips

  • These recipes use both fresh, dried, preserved, and canned cherries

  • • • • Cherry Recipes • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • | Recent Discussions From, Your Guide to

    Cooks.com - Special Recipes - Kentucky Horse Race Pie
    Louisville, Kentucky Bluegrass style chocolate nut pie.

  • - | RECENT SEARCHES EVERY FEW MINUTES NEW RECIPES READER SUBMITTED NEWSLETTER Enter your email to signup for the Cooks.com Recipe Newsletter

  • So don your derby cap, rev up that mixer, and place your bet on the best pie to ever grace the winner's circle! I recently found this recipe scribbled on a vintage manilla card, in an old recipe box straight from Louisville, Kentucky

  • It sat alongside a second version of the same recipe which I will also include here

  • Wakefield's recipe box contained an extensive collection of hand-written treasures from Louisville, Kentucky spanning several decades beginning in the early '40's

  • Wakefield also had a recipe or two published in American Home Magazine

  • email this recipe to: Printer Options: | Some of the recipes viewed in the past few minutes: [ | ] ADVERTISEMENT FEATURED RECIPES COOKS.COM : COOKING, RECIPES AND MORE 0.49k COPYRIGHT © 2006 | or cpu: 0.03s

    Astray Recipes: coconut
    Extensive selection of recipes using coconut in various forms, from sweetened
    flakes to milk to make pies, cakes, cookies, ice cream, and breads.

  • 4, 637 recipes found while searching for 'coconut': Result page: « 1 » Result page: « 1 » · · · · By Léon Brocard / Last updated August 2006

    An Alberta Family Cookbook
    Recipes from the 1996 edition of "Liens Love to Cook". Recipes from family and
    friends over 5 generations. The hard copy version is out of print, ...

  • ELLEN BRICK (1904-1996) The Liens dedicate this recipe section; which contains excerpts from our 1996 edition of the ' Liens Love to Cook' Book, to Grandma Brick, who was our instructor, our coach, our tester and our critic for so very many years

    Five-Star Crockpot Recipes | The New Homemaker
    Recipes for slow cookers.

  • just sayin'.) classifieds Lynn's Other Sites more Five-Star Crockpot Recipes Five-Star Crockpot Recipes Get out that old crockpot and save yourself time and money by Allison Huller McAlister t's 5:30 in the evening, you're tired, the kids are whining because they're hungry, and you have no clue what to make for dinner

  • How easy is that? Since getting hooked on using my slow cooker, I've found several recipes that my family considers to be absolutely delicious

  • So hunt down your ol' crockpot, dust it off, and start putting it to good use with these recipes

  • CROCKPOT ENCHILADAS This first recipe is from a fellow colleague, Shellie Hurrle

  • Enjoy! EASY CHILI This is a wonderful chili recipe that I found on the Web and adjusted to my liking

  • She also writes a weekly recipe column, for Suite101.com

  • Active forum topics Recent comments 2 hours 44 min ago 3 hours 1 min ago 5 hours 38 min ago 6 hours 1 min ago 6 hours 16 min ago 16 hours 19 min ago 16 hours 55 min ago 19 hours 54 min ago 21 hours 15 min ago 22 hours 19 min ago Newest Recipes of interest Syndicate © 1999-2006 and the respective authors, unless otherwise noted

    Recipes for Kids/Cooking with Kids - ChefMom's Recipe Box
    Recipes parents can make with children. Some require cooking, others not.

  • Other sites! • • • • • • Featured sponsors :: :: :: :: Partners Message boards • : : Cooking with Kids more recipes and features: | Kids/Cooking with Kids : : Cooking with Kids ChefMom's Recipe Box: Kids: Cooking with Kids Here are some recipes for you: This is a yummy recipe for cookies for the Easy Bake Oven! Rating: 6.35 Rating: 7.13 Insipred by the Harry Potter books series! Rating: 6.50 Very easy to do kids love

  • Great recipe for kids to put together themselves! Just 'dump' the ingredients into a pan and bake! Rating: 8.96 These cookies are so easy, even the littlest of helpers can join in the fun

  • Ultimately no real baking is required, just some quick assembly and cooling time, and you'll be the coolest Mom in town! Rating: 7.11 See more pages: 1 Note: As the majority of these recipes are user-submitted, we cannot test each one, nor can we guarantee accuracy or results

    N. Carolina Blueberry Recipes
    Recipes from the North Carolina Blueberry Council.

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