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  • | Enter CUSIP, ticker symbol or fund name 7 June 2006 28 April 2006 26 April 2006 Welcome to the Source for Closed-End and Index ETFs

  • Exchange-Traded Closed-End Funds (CEFs) and Index Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) feature intra-day trading and stock exchange listings

  • is the most comprehensive industry gateway to Exchange-Traded Closed-End and Index Funds

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    iShares ETFs for US investors - Exchange Traded Funds
    Investment information for over 50 ETF index funds.

    AgileInvesting - investment advisor that recommends and manages ...
    Investment advisory service using Exchange Traded Funds.

  • An active rather than a passive approach to driven by valuation fundamentals and risk reduction

  • AgileInvesting is targeted to investors seeking to: Improve investment performance, diversification and discipline Avoid the risks of individual stocks and actively managed mutual funds Minimize investment costs AgileInvesting provides subscribers the following services: Model portfolios for three distinct risk tolerance categories: conservative, moderate and aggressive Weekly commentary and strategy updates A detailed monthly review of asset class performance and valuation levels ( ) Subscribers implement our model portfolio recommendations in their own accounts


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    Mutual Fund Investing - Exchange Traded Funds - Rule of 72 Systems ...
    Three systems for trading Emini NASDAQ contract. Four Mutual Fund trading systems
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  • Mutual Funds Investing/ Exchange Traded Funds/ Rule of 72 Trading Systems DOUBLE YOUR MONEY IN 3 YEARS! THERE'S A REBOUND MUTUAL FUND SYSTEM TO FIT YOUR INVESTMENT GOALS Here is how my top systems are currently performing in the real world with my own real money : PERFORMANCE AS OF 9/14/06 ANNUALIZED RATE OF RETURN 24.7% 20.7% I'll give you a Free 1 Month Trial, if you give me your name, e-mail address and your trading system preference

  • What is it about doubling your money in 3 years, that you don't find appealing? MUTUAL FUND TRADING SYSTEM Click on the links below so that you too can begin to beat the S&P 500 with these four robust Mutual Fund and ETF Trading Systems: EMAIL LIST To get your free trial and periodic updates on Rebound Systems' performance, enter your first and last name plus e-mail address, then type your preference for either the Rebound Mutual Fund Trader or Rebound ETF Trading System in the comments box

    SSgA Funds: ETFs and Mutual Funds
    The home of SSgA. S&P 500 spider (SPY) is creation of State Street.

  • The official US site for mutual funds and exchange traded funds from, the investment management arm of

  • Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses of the fund carefully before investing

  • A prospectus which contains this and other information about the fund can be obtained by calling SSgA Advisor Strategies at 877-521-4083, or talking to your financial advisor

  • SSgA© Funds and streetTRACKS© are distributed by State Street Global Markets, LLC, member NASD,

    Mutual Funds, Stocks, ETFs - Exchange Traded Funds
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  • All the Web Search FastTrack Mutual Funds, Stocks, ETFs - Exchange Traded Funds Saturday, August 19, 2006 ETFs, open/closed end funds, no load, load, sector funds

  • FastTrack tells how to shift assets to stay in the best funds

  • Coverage includes all funds, not just the most popular, ETFs, no loads, Fidelity, and Vanguard funds

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  • The Load funds like , and dividend-adjusted Internet charts

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  • FT4Web is FastTrack's flagship product used for Fidelity, Vanguard, ETF s, and all other funds

  • FT4Web's offer end of day price updates for all US stocks , and all mutual funds

  • Pricing and contracts for paid subscription services Using FT4Web for Mutual Funds and ETFs and all Other Funds Although your primary interest may be with Mutual Funds and ETFs, FT4Web is a software program along with data and communications for all mutual funds and stocks

  • For example, picking the best 5-20 funds and stocks for your customized portfolio from a list of 6, 000 funds and 6, 000 stocks and generating periodic trading signals plus a complete back-tested portfolio return

    SPDR, SPDRs, SPDR Europe, Exchange traded funds, ETF, Trackers
    SPDR Europe 350 and SPDR Euro index products are traded on Euronext and track
    the S&P European indices.

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  • Keeping a grip on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Categories Recent Posts Using QQQQ ETF to Hedge Your Tech Exposure September 06, 2006by Yaser Anwar Thorough diligence between good and bad performing tech stocks and hedging positions with the Nasdaq 100 Trust Shares () exchange traded fund is important today given a current trend of negative earnings surprises and declining earnings and economic growth forecasts

  • Foreign ETFs Are Back September 06, 2006by Tom Lydon After a drop of 15-35% from mid-May to mid-June, exchange traded funds specialized in Europe, Latin America and Asia are back to where they were before the sell-off and close to reaching new highs

  • Posted at 01:10 AM in, | Fixed Income ETFs - Review Carefully September 05, 2006by Tom Lydon we learned there are new fixed income exchange traded funds in the pipeline

  • This is not the case with a Treasury fund

  • Posted at 09:30 AM in | India Fund (IFN) Good or Bad? September 04, 2006by Yaser Anwar Fundamentals : India has good long-term prospects

  • The closed end fund India Fund Inc

  • Based on that, holding a big chunk of this fund can be quite risky

  • However, that has very little to do with the earnings or performance of the underlying companies in the fund

    American Stock Exchange
    The second largest options exchange in the world. Trades equity, index, sector
    and FLEX options. Contains product information, market data, and educational ...

    ETF Guide: Financial Advisor and Investment Guide for Exchange ...
    News, commentary, and interviews from the ETF industry.

  • The Information Leader On Exchange Traded Funds ETF Guide In The Media # 1 FREE Exchange Traded Funds Newsletter Join the ETF Revolution! Keep up With The Latest News & Trends Ready-To-Go Portfolios FREE 30-Day Trial Unlimited, free access to all Ready-To-Go Portfolios and updates Ready-To-Go Portfolio Performance Name YTD 1-Year +10.27% +16.16% +5.87% +5.87% +6.84% +8.97% +12.85% +15.04% +3.72% +5.55% +8.12% +15.08% S&P 500 +15.08% +15.08% ETF Learning Center » » » » News & Commentary 20 funds from three different firms hit the market - 09-22-2006 Fund will track enhanced currency index developed by Deutsche Bank - 09-18-2006 Are market timing services as good as they say? - 09-01-2006 The sector investors love to hate - 08-01-2006 Free Report » » » » Subscriber Login E-mail: Password: Poll ©2003-06 All rights reserved

    Stock Exchange of Singapore
    Stock quotes, charts, company announcements, annual reports, IPOs and exchange


    Canadian Mutual Fund, ETF, and Self-Directed RRSP Advice
    Canadian mutual fund and RRSP advice. Articles advocate a low-cost investment
    strategy using exchange-traded mutual funds in a self-directed RRSP.

  • Canadian Mutual Fund, ETF, and Self-Directed RRSP Advice Canadian Mutual Fund, ETF, and RRSP Advice Efficient Market Canada is a magazine for self-directed RRSP investors

  • We advocate a low-cost, passive investment strategy for your RRSP based on exchange traded funds (ETF's) and indexed mutual funds

  • This is the theory behind index funds that are weighted by market capitalization

  • We'll conclude with a list of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that would suit this allocation, and the proportion of your portfolio that you could consider allocating to each of ETF

  • (916 words) Most Recent Post: 06/30 10:05PM by mjfrazer Friday, December 23 2005 @ 07:03 PM UTC Contributed by: This is the third and final article on recent changes to the Barclays Canadian iShares (formerly iUnits) exchange traded funds

  • With respect to the Canadian equity market, there are three important changes to the Canadian iShares ETFs: Income trusts have been added to the TSX equity index (XIC), and there are two new equity index ETF's: A Canadian iShares fund specializing in dividend income (XDV) and a Canadian iShares fund specializing in income trusts (XTR)

    iShares exchange traded funds investment portfolio management ...
    An investment advisor firm specializing in the management of securities portfolios
    and retirement plans for individuals and small businesses.

  • iShares or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) allows Daret Capital Management, Portland Oregon to tailor portfolios for investors across a wide range of asset classes, from broad markets to specific countries, industries, or sectors

  • Why iShares? iShares ( ETF’s ) are tracking indexes which can be purchased and sold like individual stocks and they offer several advantages over traditional mutual funds

  • They are less expensive to own than most mutual funds, there are no upfront load or sales charges, no 12b 1 fees, and your exposure to capital gains is lower because index funds typically buy and sell securities less often than actively managed mutual funds

  • Furthermore, the risk of underperformance is reduced because most most mutual funds underperform against their respective benchmark indexes such as the S&P 500 or Russell 2000

  • There are over 90 different ishare funds including broad market small-, mid- and large-cap funds

  • Growth and value funds, fixed-income and realestate funds, and very specific (sector or industry indexes)

  • In addition, there are international funds that cover 21 countries and 5 global regions

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    Shearwater Capital - Customized Investment Financial Management ...
    Offers customized investment solutions based on academic principles. Prepares
    diversified portfolios tailored to investment goals and risk preferences.

    TrustNet - Investment Funds Information Service
    Detailed daily performance data and information covering 600 UK investment trusts,
    offshore funds and US funds.

  • View the full range of titles available to order from the TrustNet bookshop Trustnet editor Martin Wood looks at Anthony Bolton's decision to step down at Fidelity and asks whether his replacement, Jorma Korhonen, might actually be a strong choice as successor to the City's best known fund manager

  • © TrustNet Limited 2006 (0) Welcome to The UK's leading fund research database I am an investor without a financial adviser I am an investor with a financial adviser I am a financial adviser I am an institutional investor or employee Go

    Rydex Investments :: Essential for Modern Markets
    Index and sector funds designed to match a specific benchmark with no trading costs.
    Built-in leverage available.

  • Rydex recently launched a new and improved web site for individual investors featuring robust fund data, charting tools, easy-to-access service information and unique educational information

  • This calculator can help you compare the potential costs of using ETFs and mutual funds

  • Rydex Investments announced the addition of four new mutual funds to its lineup of multi-directional equity products: Rydex Inverse Dynamic Russell 2000 ® , S&P 500 ® , Russell 2000 ® and Dynamic Russell 2000 ® funds

  • The Rydex Educational Essentials SM CD provides a straightforward explanation of investing concepts for today's market—including using leverage, inverse funds, sectors, exchange traded funds and risk management

  • Rydex funds are distributed by Rydex Distributors, Inc., an affiliate of Rydex Investments

  • For more complete information regarding Rydex funds, call 800.820.0888 or for a prospectus

  • Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of a fund carefully before investing

  • The fund's prospectus contains this and other information about the fund

    Stock Market Timing - expert analysis in market timing and stock ...
    Mechanical stock market timing system that uses technical analysis to trade
    Exchange Traded Funds.

  • X X ETF - Market Timing Service Premium Stocks Service , Providing Expert Analysis in Market Timing & Selecting Poised Stocks to Investors Globally !, LLC is a financial service for investors and traders who want to increase their portfolios in the most non-stressful and effective way possible in both bullish and bearish markets! We have developed a market timing system that uses technical analysis for trading the popular Exchange Traded Funds () — DIA , SPY , and QQQQ , which has produced Due to numerous requests from our members, we also offer for those who enjoy trading stocks other than the ETFs

  • Trade the popular Exchange Traded Funds () — DIA , SPY , & QQQQ

  • Our outstanding track record for the ETF - Market Timing Service is shown below in the combined performance table as compared to the buy-and-hold returns: Index Fund/Stock Trading Return 2000 - 2006 Buy-and-Hold Return 2000 - 2006 Percentage Beating the Market 2000 - 2006 DIA + 139.8% + 2.3% + 137.5% SPY + 125.1% - 5.3% + 130.4% QQQQ + 193.5% - 47.6% + 241.1% Updated: 5/05/06

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