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List of Language Schools in Kaohsiung
Provides a directory of and contact details for local English language schools.

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China-related products ranging from computer software to language tutorials to
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    Minor Planet Names: Alphabetical List
    Offers updated alphabetical list of minor planet names.

  • Minor Planet Names: Alphabetical List This is an alphabetical listing of the names of the numbered minor planets

    Chen Yi
    Article from the Living Composers Project notes education, honors, marriage to
    Zhou Long, and includes complete works list and links.

  • CONTACT INFORMATION E-mail address: Website (Music from China): Website (publisher): Website (schedule): COMPLETE LIST OF WORKS ORCHESTRAL : Xian Shi (concerto), viola, orchestra, 1983; Duo Ye , small orchestra (flute, oboe, E-flat clarinet, clarinet, bassoon, French horn, timpani, strings), 1985 (version of piano work); Sprout , string orchestra, 1986; Two Sets of Wind and Percussion Instruments , small orchestra (piccolo, bass clarinet, 15 brass, timpani, 6 percussion), 1986; Symphony No

    Historic Chinese Architecture in Singapore
    A blog providing images of historic buildings, including temples and houses.
    Brief anecdotes of the buildings and their surrounding environment.

  • Emperor Guang Xu was put under house arrest for colluding with his tutor, Kang's reformist movement.From the dates listed above, it is quite clear that all the plaques from Guang Xu were bequethed to the temples in Singapore and Penang whilst he was under house arrest

  • So were these calligraphy really Guang Xu's or merely edicts issued by the Dowager to gain support for the Qing court? The original scroll from Thian Hock Keng has been restored at a cost of S$10, 000 by specialists in China, I think it would be an interesting exercise to get other specialists to ascertain the authorship of the scroll

  • Had the empress listened to Kang, it would have been a less tragic ending for herself and the rest of her people

  • The intention of these plaques were obvious - the refomists, royalists and revolutionaries like Kang You Wei and Sun Yat Sen were getting financial support from the Nanyang Chinese in their cause to topple her majesty's regency

  • For a list of old temples to visit in Singapore, click on the December 2004 archive

  • Those interested can write in to me and we can arrange a date to do the 'templing' together! Here's the list:-Temples in Penang - Meetup with Mr Tan Yeow Hooi, Ronni PinslerHistoric cemeteries of Perak - Meetup with Ah Q the grave diggerJohor - Johor's oldest temple opposite Indian temple - photoshoots & curry fish-head with tau-kiBuildings in Singapore - Tong Xian Tng (Devonshire rd), Yin Foh Kuan(Commonwealth), Balestier Tua Pek Kong, Telok Blangah Tua Pek Kong, House of Tan Yeok Nee, Thong Chai Medical HallFor those of you wondering what to do during this Chinese New Year holidays, go to Thian hock Keng on the eve at around 11pm to do the tradition of offering of the 1st incense of the year(no crowds here) or go to Shuanglin Monastery to hear the 108 soundings of the gong

    The Banquet / Ye Yan - MonkeyPeaches
    Extensive production news, pictures, articles, and links.

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    Jasmine Women (MO LI HUA KAI) - MonkeyPeaches
    Production news, pictures, and articles.

  • Taiwan's 41st Golden Horse Awards Nomination (2004 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival) November 3, 2004 41st Golden Horse Awards Nomination list for Taiwan's 41st Golden Horse Awards has been announced today

  • Winners of Golden Rooster Awards were selected by a jury formed with "film specialists" and most winning movies have never been publicly released, including the biggest winner, Shanghai Story

  • The movie is not in a realistic style, (and) it's a little bit aesthetic

    Chess Vocabulary in 16 Languages
    Lists terms in 14 different languages.

    Xunzi, Book 6: Contra Twelve Philosophers
    Knoblock's translation, from Book 6 of the Xun Zi.

  • 37 This list of prohibitions is related to a set promulgated by Confucius when he was director of crime in Lu ("Youzuo, " ¶28.2, below)

  • An Ode says: 43 Is not the Supreme Di Ancestor 44 always timely! Yin does not use the old ways, but though it lacks old and perfected men, still it has the corpus of punishments, yet none will listen to them

    T'ai Chi Ch'uan Links
    A huge list of links (+1000) to Tai Chi Chaun resources on the internet.

  • Links to T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Related Web Sites Caveat Emptor Links Page - Table of Contents Last changed 8/28/06 : Listed in alphabetical order : T'ai Chi Ch'uan and other Chinese internal martial arts : Acupuncture, Ch'i Kung, Chinese Language, Taoism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc

  • in Buchanan, NY, also lists other school locations in Santa Barbara, CA in Munich, Germany

  • in Riga, Latvia in Holliston, MA in Auckland, New Zealand in Bochum, Germany

  • No seminar dates listed, must be a quasi-permanent page


    Images of the Temple of Culture
    Article by Thomas A. Wilson, detailing the historical process by which Confucius
    and his followers came to be venerated across China.

    Chinese Boxing Institute International Home Page
    Information on and products of various internal martial arts including Chen and
    Chinese Boxing styles. Articles, news, schedule of events and seminars, ...

    Southeast Asian Bulletin of Mathematics
    Published by the South East Asian Mathematical Society. Tables of contents, with
    abstracts in pdf format.

    Home Pages of UTD Students
    A list of all student web pages hosted by the University.

    Cultural Revolution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Encyclopedia article on the period.

  • Furthermore, the peasantry, as agriculturalists, were poorly equipped and ill-trained to produce steel, partially relying on such mechanisms as to achieve production goals, which had been mandated by the threatening local cadres

  • To make matters worse, in order to avoid punishment, local authorities continually reported grossly unrealistic production numbers, which hid the problem for years, intensifying it

  • The original goal was to produce a completely unrealistic 30 million tons of steel, though that was later revised down to twenty million

  • One great irony of the Socialist Education Movement is that it called for grassroots action, yet was directed by Mao himself

  • By 1964, the Socialist Education Movement had become the new '', with the stated goal of the cleansing of politics, economics, ideas, and organization

  • Chinese poster showing Jiang Qing, saying: 'Let the new socialistic performing arts occupy every stage.', 1967 In a later meeting of the in 1966, the new 'Group in Charge of the Cultural Revolution' (GCCR) was formed

  • On, the , the official newspaper of the CPC, stated that all 'imperialists', 'people with affiliations with imperialists', 'imperialistic intellectuals', et al., must be

    Texas Acupuncturist Referral Page
    Practitioners of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Texas, organized
    by zip code. Offering aculinks.

  • Texas Acupuncture Referral Page Listings are organized by zip code

  • If there is nobody on this list near you, try the practitioner databases in the organizations mentioned in the right hand column

  • Wholistic Acupuncture Therapy 2525 Wallingword Ste

  • Wholistic Acupuncture Therapy 2525 Wallingwood Dr., Suite 1502 Austin TX 78746-6900 512/327-7959 Martha Calliham L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., Dipl.C.H

  • #200 Austin, TX 78704 Would you like your practice added to this list? So would we

    Ancient Way Chinese Herbs Intro
    Offers consultations from a licensed practitioner, with essays and information
    about acupuncture and Taoism.

  • The list below represents all of the items has offered over the past several years

  • Standard Pin Yin names of herbs and formulas (as shown in the list below) are the best search terms

    Indian, Chinese, & Japanese Emperors
    Rulers of the "Three Kingdoms," of India, China, and Japan. Includes tables,
    maps, and chronologies.

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