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  • were not new on my musical radar, but the trio's bluegrass-based virtuosity truly shines in concert

    Idol’ winner kept viewers entertained - American Idol -
    Craig Berman recaps the finale and speculates on Hicks' future.

  • In between performances from the established stars, the 12 “Idol” finalists, and alums Carrie Underwood and Clay Aiken (Ruben Studdard must have had a prior engagement), there were the usual comedy bits and video montages that serve to stretch out the show so the network can sell more advertising and so the producers can hype the forthcoming “Idol” concert tour

  • When a supermodel drags her fiancé (actor Jerry O’Connell) to a concert to hear you sing, that’s a clear sign that you’ve made it

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  • 1 singles and numerous awards including two Grammys, RCA Records artists Kelly Clarkson is bringing her galvanizing live show back to the United States this summer to celebrate with a 24-city concert tour beginning June 30th in West Palm Beach, FL

  • A camera crew followed Bo from his final days on American Idol through his first concert tour, his emergency surgery, and the birth of his son in December

    The Taylor Hicks Experience - Associated Content
    Columnist Cindy Wright sums up Hicks' musical journey to date.

  • He has played at The Stadium of Fire in Utah, played harmonica with Snoop Dog at a concert, played with the Allman Brothers and is now on a tour with the rest of the AI Contestants Mandisa, Kellie Pickler, Ace Young, Chris Daughtry, Bucky Covington, Elliot Yamin, Paris Bennett and Lisa Tucker

  • He has appeared on Ellen, Jay Leno and put on a concert for the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series on ABC

  • Just because you like someone on TV doesn’t always mean they will continue to be as popular when they start doing concerts

  • Good to keep in touch with the fans Concertcris 08/01/2006 I had the pleasure of seeing Taylor in person during the American Idol rehearsal when there were only 3 left

  • I know I would love to see the American Idol concert


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  • tour that includes a concert Nov

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    Carmen Rasmusen - Finalist in Fox TV's American Idol - Salt Lake City
    Article with updates of her progress on the 'American Idol' television show.

  • She does a lot at her high school, including Madrigals and Concert Choir, and she plays the guitar and piano, although the guitar hurts her fingers

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  • archives: / | mini-blog Weblog kelly clarkson I just came back from the Kelly Clarkson concert with TJ

  • (And of course, there is me, someone who can appreciate a good pop concert, American Idol watching non-withstanding, of course.) Dear homeboy doing your thug-life stroll with a beer in your hand trying to look all hard: YOU'RE AT A KELLY CLARKSON CONCERT

  • They were double fisting cosmo's in each hand and talked too-loud about how it was going to be like the Madonna concert and how they wished Kelly had a section 'for the bois.' And while this conversation would be apropo for a Madonna concert, the fact that they were gushing and being fabulous while sitting next to two Filipino eight year olds just made everything A-OK in my book

  • A part of me wishes it was a bigger fight, so Dennis Richmond from the 10 o'clock news could say the sentence, 'tragedy struck Mountain View tonight as rioting broke out inside the Kelly Clarkson concert.' There would be video of 10 year olds beating each other with lawn chairs and older gay men throwing hissy fits because someone spilled a cocktail on their Prada shoes

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    Kelly Clarkson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  • Three possible new songs from her upcoming CD reportedly to be released in February were unveiled in the first concert of the Addicted Tour, including 'Maybe, ' 'Anymore, ' and 'Yeah', in which 'Maybe' appears to be the most popular

  • Kelly Clarkson recently made a drunk appearance at a Metal Skool Concert with the lead singer of Yellowcard which was documented on video and made available through the popular video website,

  • Clarkson will headline her first concert event next February

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  • Album sales, hits and successful concert tours followed

  • The Deluxe Edition marks the first time the entire “Old Grey Whistle Test” concert has been available on DVD, which features “Every Mother’s Son, ” “Call Me The Breeze, ” “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Free Bird, ” among others

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