The Philippine Star Online
A daily newspaper covering news headlines, business, lifestyle, advertisement,
sports and entertainment. Circulated nationwide.

Philippines : Gov.Ph : The Official Government Portal of the ...
The official government website. Contains information about the president, news,
state of the nation address updates, and a government directory.

Philippines - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article covers the country's history, government and
politics, geography, economy, demographics, language and culture.

Philippine News Link, your link to newspapers and online ...
Provides links to many newspapers and magazines both in the Philippines and across
the world.


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WOW Philippines Homepage
Official site of the Department of Tourism.

Philippine Daily Inquirer
A leading newspaper in the Philippines. Available both in print and online.
Updated daily and circulated nationwide.

Philippine Stock Exchange

News aggregregator in the Philippines, featuring daily headlines, as well as
entertainment, sports, and business news.


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The Philippine Diver

Philippine Army - Official Web Site
Official website of the Philippine Army. With information about the army and some

House of Representatives Official Website
Official site which includes information on House Members, House leaders, and
various legislative activities.

Philippine News - Latest Balita Updated every 30 minutes
News around the country, with sections such as technology, sports, daily PC tips,
currency converter, and even horoscopes. Also has world news and US news.


Philippine Institute of Volcanology & Seismology
Discusses earthquakes and volcanoes. Also provides information on the history,
goals, objectives, and projects of this organization.

A Philippine Leaf
A description of literacy and writing systems in early Philippines.

Talk @ PhilMusic :: Index
Discussion forums, chat, and mailing lists on music. -- Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism Online
Independent and a not for profit media agency that specializes in investigative
reporting. Details and facts including news and resources available.

Philippine Economic Zone Authority

Philippines | Tanikalang Ginto |
Directory with categories on arts and humanities, agriculture, business, computers,
entertainment, environment, geography, food, and travel.

Philippine Political Update
Extensive news headlines, links to media, political humor, and public forum for
discussion of politics in the Philippines.

Philippine Overseas Employment Administration
Government agency that promotes and monitors overseas employment of the country's
labor expatriates.

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