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Wedding and event photography. Based in Poway and cover all of San Diego County.

Kirsten Dunst
Includes filmography, biography, photographs, awards, and articles.

  • Marie-Antoinette (2005) ...

    Sarah Chalke
    Filmography, biography, photographs and links.

  • Marie Antoinette - (2003) TV Episode (voice) ...

  • Marie Antoinette - (2002) TV Episode (voice) ...

  • info: ERIN MARIE

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    Official MySpace home for the actress. Provides news, photos, blog, links and beliefs.
    Tour and biographical information for LMBO, Taylor Hicks' band.

    CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: The Twelve Apostles of Erin
    Twelve holy Irishmen of the sixth century who went to study at the School of
    Clonard in Meath.

  • GRATTAN FLOOD Transcribed by Joseph and Marie Gallagher With gratitude for the kind assistance of the Central Catholic Library, Merrion Square, Dublin, Ireland

    Ray Charles on the $10 bill - Sign the petition! ten
    Online petiton initiated by The Derek Trucks Band.

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    IGN Babes: Pics and Interviews
    [] 2 photos and commentary.

  • Miss Dunst does her thing in Sofia Coppola's funky Marie Antoinette

    The Starlets Database - Info and pictures on over 1000 young ...
    Information and pictures for over 1000 young child actresses up to age 21.
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  • Brandy - Jacelyn Holmes - Jacqueline Steiger - Jade Magri - Jade Malle - Jamie Ballard - Jamie Krause - Jamie Lynn Spears - Jamie McRoberts - Jamie Renee Smith - Jan Smithers - Jana Fillmore - Jana Güttgemanns - Jane Gray - Jane Slaugther - Jane Withers - Janelle Corlass-Brown - Janet Wong - Janette Scott - Janice Stone - Janina Faye - Janine Perreau - Janis Wilson - Jann Stanley - Janna Michaels - Jasmine Berg - Jasmine Jessica Anthony - Jasmine Sky - Jayne Deely - Jean Darling - Jean Marie Barnwell - Jeanne Allen - Jemima Rooper - Jena Malone - Jeni Courtney - Jenna Boyd - Jenna von Oy - Jennifer Berrington - Jennifer Bertram - Jennifer Connelly - Jennifer Cooke - Jennifer Drugan - Jennifer Dundas - Jennifer Edwards - Jennifer Fenton - Jennifer Harris - Jennifer Harte - Jennifer Horton - Jennifer Love Hewitt - Jennifer Pisana - Jennifer S

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    CNN - Delaware lawyer gets death sentence for killing mistress ...

  • Prosecutors alleged Capano killed Fahey because she wanted to end their affair Capano, a former state prosecutor and political adviser, was found guilty in January of killing Anne Marie Fahey, Gov

    Memorial to this son lost September 20, 1999, to anencephaly. Loren's story,
    photo, and poems.

    Poussin in Rome:Foundations of French Classicism
    Artist's biography.

  • He claimed that his most important and influential encounter while in Paris was with a courtier of Marie de Médicis by the name of Courtois

    Muscles of Dee Kay - female muscle, FBB, fitness girls and ...
    Discussion board, articles, photographs, links, art and wallpapers.

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    Welcome to the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference
    SCAC women's official site. Conference leaders and championship results.

  • of the South-Sewanee 32.74 3, 000-Meter Steeplechase Player, School Time Julie Coats, Hendrix College 17:37.22 Eileen Schilling, Centre College 18:10.23 Cheryl Finster, Rhodes College 18:16.59 Marie Brandeweide, Rhodes College 18:21.00 Leslie Dillon, DePauw University 18:42.99 Molly Eckdale, Trinity University 18:52.33 Lauren Hendrix, DePauw University 18:56.48 Jennifer Emo, Rhodes College 18:56.57 Eileen Schilling, Centre College 18:57.23 Amber Kosik, Trinity University 18:59.91 Jessica Ratcliffe, Southwestern University 19:04.33 Katy Quirk, DePauw University 19:07.17 Lizzie Phillips, Rhodes College 19:10.33 Emily Mason, DePauw University 19:10.45 Maeve Goetz, Trinity University 19:14.68 Carolina Boet, Southwestern University 19:15.44 Betsy App, DePauw University 19:18.15 Liz Ulrich, DePauw University 19:22.45 Jessica Ratcliffe, Southwestern University 19:29.57 Ashley Burch, Trinity University 19:38.73 Liz Lee, Univ

  • of the South-Sewanee 22:09.87 5, 000 Meters Player, School Time Marie Brandeweide, Rhodes College 4:34.34 Lauren Hendrix, DePauw University 4:51.94 Amanda Royalty, DePauw University 4:52.32 Courtney Cockerell, Rhodes College 4:52.59 Claire Walker, Trinity University 4:53.09 Cheryl Finster, Rhodes College 4:56.63 Emily Mason, DePauw University 4:57.21 Jennifer Emo, Rhodes College 4:57.25 Megan Shea, Trinity University 5:00.07 Liz Ulrich, DePauw University 5:00.33 Sarah Gagle, DePauw University 5:09.46 Lizzie Phillips, Rhodes College 5:11.23 Susanna Pierce, Trinity University 5:12.47 Hallie Blunck, Univ

    lady lion softball
    The official site of the Lady Lions with schedule, roster, archives and news.

  • Henderson, Tn 38340 Lady Lion Softball News Marie Pickler and Rachael Pierce have been honored as NAIA Scholar Athletes

  • Henderson, TN-Lady Lion senior Marie Pickler was named All-Region honorable mention at the conclusion of the 2006 softball season

  • Freed-Hardeman University softball players Marie Pickler and Adrienne Gann have received honors on the first day of the 2005 NAIA Region XI Softball Tournament being played at Union’s Fesmire Field, May 11

  • Marie Pickler, Cassie Smith, Kayla Hall, and Rachel Pierce were all honored

  • Marie Pickler commits to play softball for the Lady Lions

    Borglum Family Tree and Danish Geneology Links and Resources
    Borglum family tree and Danish genealogy links, without Gutzon lineage.

  • (see his family expanded below) (Anders Gregers Larsen changed name to Anders Larsen Borglum on 8-17-1905) LCC Maren b7.9.1853 d1906 and Niels Nielsen Holtet Gandrup b1924 (reportedly had 1 son) LCD Kresten (Larsen?)b11.241855 and Elise Jensen Hedegarrd Lanholt (reportedly had 8 children) LCE Jorgen Christian b9.15.1857 d1946 and Ane Marie Rasmusdatter Bolleskov b2.27.1852 d1939 LCE1 Peder b5.6.1880 d1943 LCE2 Lars b9.30.1882 LCE3 Anton b4.10.1878 d1897 LCE4 Karl Rasmus b 12.10.1887 d1969 LCE5Johanne b11.6.1884 d1917 LCE6Karen b 1889 LCF b_ LCF1 Karen b_ LCG (Unknown name, female) LCGa Marie LCH Maren Kirstine b5.12.1860 d_ and Lars Pedersen Skomager b_ d1924 (reportedly had 3 children) LCI Anna Marie b1865 and Niels Sorensen

  • See 2nd wife and offspring below) (Married about 1872 when Anders was about 19) (Maren's parents were 'Borglum Chris (Christensen)' and Anne Marie

  • Therefore the first child of the first wife was coded LCB1, and the first child of the second wife begins with CB1a instead of of LCB13.) (LCB ) Anders Larsen Borglum and then Lind b7.5.1876 d1969, (2nd wife - 25 years younger than him, married about 1898 at his age of 47, she was about 22) CB1a Marie Borglum (infant death) CB2a Marinus Borglum b 1899 d 1901 ('died of a terrible cramp, frothing at mouth' - possibly of lockjaw ) CB3a (Mike) Borglum b5.18.1901 (pronounced marine'-us) and b_ d1962 (was in Canadian army, then moved to England, married 1941, no children), and then married Anna b_ (no children) CB4a (Chresten?) Borglum b5.15.1903 d1924 (died two years after this photo at age 21, reportedly of spinal memingitis

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  • by Susanne Marie Knight [Romance/Historical Fiction] 3

  • Marie's years in a French convent have taught her such things are forbidden

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