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  • From left to right, top to bottom: Diana, Luna-P, Sailor Star Fighter, Princess Kakyuu, Sailor Star Healer, Sailor Star Maker, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Pluto, Artemis, Sailor Venus, Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon, Tuxedo Kamen, Sailor Mars, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Saturn, Luna Note : You may take and use any other graphics on this website except for this

  • Number of Sailor Soldiers known to exist in our galaxy by the end of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Hoo baby, what was Naoko Takeuchi on? :P It is currently and the date is , according to MKST ( M oon K ingdom S tandard T ime)

  • ^_^; I make no claim to any of these characters - however much I might wish they were mine instead of DIC's so I could start translating the S series :) - and pray to god that they will find it in their hearts to not sue my sorry butt into next Thursday

    StarMoon | Star Wars Sailor Senshi
    A crossover between Star Wars and Sailor Moon where the senshi are named after
    the planets featured in the Star Wars books and movies.

  • Protecting the Star Wars universe from all evils, it's the pretty sailor suited Sailor Jedi! Konnichiha and welcome to StarMoon! Immediately after the events chronicled in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace , the Star Wars (or Snickers) Galaxy is in trouble

  • Despite the fact that they came from three different countries and five different backgrounds, their love of Star Wars and Sailor Moon brought them together

  • They soon found themselves in a battle in the Star Wars Galaxy as Sailors Naboo, Tatooine, Vjun, Hoth, and Bespin

  • StarMoon is a group of fanfiction artists whose media include stories, poems, songs, pictures, and anything else that strikes our fancy! We do our best to keep with in the Star Wars cannon while creating characters with Sailor Moon-like powers from Star Wars planets

  • StarMoon is based in the Star Wars galaxy and timeline, so we have very few interactions with Sailor Moon and her Sailor Team

  • This makes StarMoon unique and fun! We aren't acepting new members right now, but feel free to look around and leave us a note in our guestbook

  • We had our 25, 000th hit in March 2002 - thanks to everyone who has made our success possible! Want to know when StarMoon grows? Subscribe to the StarMoon Updates list! Powered by Last updated 3.23.02 by - since I've gotten totally overwhelmed by Darth Real Life in the past few months, a team of several senshi will be taking over site updates shortly

    The Sailor Moon MIDI Bank
    Large selection of MIDI files for download.

    Sailor Moon en Mexico - La Biografia e informacion completa de ...
    Incluye datos personales, gustos y descripción de poderes.

  • Somos las Sailor Star Lights!"


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    Sailor Moon Says: This is the index! Heeheehee!
    Alternatives to DiC's "educational" message "Sailor Moon Says" at the end of each
    dubbed episode, and "Lita Letterman's Top Ten" lists.

    Geniac.Net - Sailor Moon Gallery
    Thumbnailed gallery of various characters.

    Sailor Moon, la sezione di Satyrnet_it AULA MANGA, dedicata a ...
    Trama, personaggi e descrizione dei poteri delle 5 eroine. Inoltre immagini,
    download e Gif animate.

    Starlight Pops, a shrine to the Sailor Starlights! Celebrating six ...
    Comprehensive information about the anime, manga, and musicals, as well as lyrics
    and translations, fanworks, images, doujinshi, multimedia, and downloads.

  • Welcome! Welcome to Starlight Pops, a shrine to the three femme fatale Sailor Starlights from the planet Kinmoku

  • The Sailor Starlights are a trio of characters who appear in the fifth and final season of the popular Japanese anime/manga series Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

  • You can find out more about the Starlights, and about Sailor Moon , by browsing the contents of this shrine

  • Choose your destination: In-depth information about the Starlights

  • You are Starlights fan # to visit this site, which was last on 9/10/06

  • Disclaimer Disclaimer: The Three Lights, the Sailor Starlights, and Sailor Moon are created and copyrighted by Naoko Takeuchi, and owned by Kodansha publishing and TOEI Animation, Inc

  • This is a fansite , meant to worship, adore, and spread awareness of the Sailor Starlights, but not meant to make a profit! However, all original writing and graphics found within this site are copyright 2000-2005 by me, Kotetsu

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    Filmography and other details.

  • aka Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Sailor Stars ..

  • aka Sailor Moon Sailor Stars ..

  • aka Sailor Stars (informal short title) (1996) TV Series (voice: Japanese version) ...

  • aka Doraemon: Nobita's Little Star Wars (literal title) (1983) ...

    Stephanie Morgenstern
    Filmography, biography and links.

    Sailor Moon
    História e personagens.

  • Mas Return seria a interpretação ideal), Sailor Moon S (Super), Sailor Moon SuperS (Super Sailor) e Sailor Moon Stars (Sailor Moon Sailor Stars)

  • E foi isso, daí por diante muitas aventuras começam, como a chegada da Pequena Rini, mais para frente a chegada de Sailor Chibi Moon, mais para frente a chegada de Pégasus e mais para frente a chegada das Sailors Star Lights e de Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon

    Sailor Moon Gallery
    Large compendium of images of all of the characters from the series.


    CBUB Fights: Sailor Moon vs. Ranma 1/2
    Commentary on a battle between Sailor Moon and Ranma.

  • Stars and Garters SAILOR MOON vs

  • Our two fighters takes their positions as we wait for the judge to start the match..

    Fox Cartoons World: midi, mp3, image gallery, tutto sui cartoni ...
    Per divertirsi con improbabili risposte a dubbi e curiosità su manga e cartoni
    animati. Inoltre quiz, Midi e link.

    George's Sailor Moon Voices
    Features photos, articles, sound clips, trivia, and a listing of the entire voice cast.

  • The Dragonball Z voicestars will be there too

  • The web site was around for many years but there never was much new information on it and it stopped working around March 2001

  • I think the Chinese voices are famous Hong Kong stars but I want someone to confirm this with a web page

  • They talk to Roland Parliament about the voice actors becoming 'stars' thanks to Sailor Moon and about their Web Page

  • I wonder who that was? 96-08-22 FILM: Japanese cartoon shoots for Canadian stars by Gemma Files 'What we're looking at here, ' says actor/director turned Internet entrepreneur Roland Parliament, 'is the possibility that a Japanese kids' cartoon show may contribute to English-speaking Canada developing its first real star system.' The show in question is Sailor Moon , yet another in a long line of anime TV imports bought up and retooled for the Northern American youth market

  • 'In terms of ratings, we got off to kind of a shaky start, ' says Parliament, who was hired to cast and direct (as well as act in) the North American version of Sailor Moon

  • After a fan swore his fellow Sailor Moon obsessees would pay to download 'candid' snaps of the cast at work, Parliament set up, a website that showcases the actors -- vital statistics, work histories, 8-by-10 glossies

    Sailor Moon Section
    Crafts, coloring pages, online jigsaw puzzles, greeting cards, and paper dolls.

  • DLTK's Crafts for Kids Sailor Moon Section (free web images for websites, emails or desktops) Crafts (Age 3+) Paper Dolls (Age 3+) Thanks to Ashley for contributing this! Thanks to Sakura for contributing this! Printable Birthday Items monthly or yearly calendars in four different languages ( or Star Charts) Find out info about your favorite Sailor Scouts - Il portale del Gioco di Ruolo Online
    Offre articoli e recensioni di moltissimi siti e contiene Hermes che è un motore
    di ricerca tematico. Presenta anche vignette e curiosità varie.

  • Le Cronache di Riam, Athenet, il Principato delle Tre Torri e Star Trek New Orizons chiudono

  • Inserite le schede comunità di Star Trek New Orizons, Final Fantasy X-3, Azure Dreams, Mondo Rowling, Regno di Nadindel e Iringard

  • Chiudono le comunità GiocoHogwarts, Zion, Remedy e Star Wars Universe

  • Visto che ci siamo vi ringraziamo tutti perchè nei giorni scorsi abbiamo superato i 4 milioni di pagine viste! :-) 01/03/06 - Il panorama ludico italiano si arricchisce di ben otto comunità: Path of Soul, FinalFantasy Dream, Star Trek Star Base 224, Mondo di Spira, SPQRonline, Vita o Morte, Mystic City e Charmed Universe

  • ecco la lista: Star Wars World, Celtika, Airdale, I Regni di Gwenniver, Realia, Wing Wars Commander ed Eresia

  • Torna inoltre l'oroscopo dei personaggi per il 2005 :-) 05/06/05 - Pubblicata la nuova vignetta in omaggio all'ultimo episodio di Star Wars e alla fine (?) di una splendida saga! Sono inoltre online le schede di Erocity, Il Villaggio della Luna e Terre del non ritorno! 31/05/05 - E' online la recensione di OutWorld

    shingetsu .:. your definitive pgsm source .:. a live action pretty ...
    Translated articles and interviews, episode transcripts, screen captures, cast
    images, and preview archive.

  • Currently I'm at a course in Florida where I have very limited dialup...But I'll be back and settled in New York in February, so I promise promise PROMISE that we will start archiving

  • Venus Legend "The Evening Star Episode" Usagi is in big trouble! Caught by a band of thieves calling themselves the Dead Moon Circus, she is in danger of having her body sawed into pieces! Why is this happening to her!? One of the pictures in last month's issue hints at the answer to this question

  • The show will start on January 30, 2005--check it out if you're in the neighborhood! You can find information on it at the and the

  • Just like Sailor V, Tuxedo Kamen has started his secret activities

  • Even before Tsukino Usagi meets Luna, before she becomes Sailor Moon, the fight has already started

  • As everyday life goes on, seemingly unchanged at a glance, there is something that is starting to change

  • Following a suggestion from Usagi, they start to do something daring

  • The star is Minako, aka Sailor V

  • Hyper Hobby January 2005 issue "This is great, as the beginning!" Venus Legend The Morning Star Episode Have you seen the newly released "Special Act"? It's a monumental film about the Sailor Senshi's last battle and Usagi's wedding

    The Sailor Moon Soapbox @ Genvid
    The Genvid Project is a Sailor Moon site which updates on a constant bases with
    news and articles related to the series.

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