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Black and White Darkroom: techniques, free instruction.
Comprehensive information on darkroom setup, chemicals, equipment, techniques,
tips, and safety considerations.

Andrew's Dark Room: Dutch Photography
A Dutch photographer presents his portfolio. Portraits and body art are specialties.

www.landscapes.nl - previously The Dark Room of Onno Zweers
Urban and rural landscapes from The Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland, France,
Italy, and elsewhere in Europe. In Dutch and English.

Build Your Own Darkroom
Mason Resnick's article on the benefits of doing your own printing. From the
Black and White World site.

  • | Contents: Building A Darkroom What You'll Need for the Dry Side What You'll Need for the Wet Side General Needs Darkroom Kits Do It Yourself The Advantage Of Developing Your Own Black and White Photos, And How to Get Started Minilabs have taken the fun (if there ever was any) out of color printing

  • Black and white, because of its relative ease of processing, is easier to control; as a result, many darkroom enthusiasts are able to make interpretive prints that say more than any machine print can say

  • Choices of paper, developer, toner and darkroom exposure and processing time decisions can change the mood and feel of an image while still faithfully reproducing the information on the negative

  • There are a few experienced printers (who proudly call themselves 'darkroom technicians'), but they are exhorbitantly expensive and not easy to find

  • Part I: Building a Darkroom A basic darkroom requires three things: running water, sturdy work surfaces and total light blockage

  • A basement room, a kitchen or spare bathroom can be easily converted into darkroom space

  • Ideally, you should dedicate one room (which can be as small as 8x10 feet)

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    Photo by www.galaxycow.com

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    Offre le immagini di Roberto Mariotti, proposte di lettura e di visione attraverso
    mostre fotografiche virtuali e presentazione dell'autore.

  • affittare fitto affitto spazio space sala laboratorio lab installazioni design sala posa still life photo photo set set fotografico camera oscura dark room ritratto atelier fashion moda pubblicità conferenze proiezioni video design Milan International Furniture Fair Milan's international furniture show and its related events Milan's international furniture show Milano mariotti roberto milano milan barcellona barcelona fotografia photography arte art luoghi place paesaggi landscape paesaggi urbani urban landscape bianconero black and wite gubbio viaggio journey apparenza appearance profondità depth Le tue foto mi fanno pensare ad un viaggio che si è intrapreso o che si vorrebbe intraprendere (l'auto che appare sul drappo rosso dietro la vetrina)

    KODAK: Teaching Basic Darkroom Techniques
    Resource for students and teachers covering the step by step procedures for basic
    darkroom techniques.

  • Each student should complete the darkroom exercises

    The Dark Room Online
    Photographs of Madeira Island that can be purchased.

    Making fine prints in your digital darkroom: Getting started
    Three part tutorial by Norman Koren. Includes scanning, image editing, monitor-printer
    calibration, and other aspects of fine art digital printmaking.

  • Making fine prints in your digital darkroom Getting started by Norman Koren | updated April 11, 2005 Help support this site by linking to these merchants or Search WWW Search www.normankoren.com Table of contents for the Making Fine Prints series | for Image editing with Picture Window Pro | Introduction I've loved fine photographic prints ever since I started visiting the as a child

  • From the mid-1960's through the mid-1980's I worked intensively in my home darkroom, mastering the art of making fine black and white prints

  • Though I did little darkroom work between 1985 and 1998, I never gave up the idea of working in the darkroom

  • The room should be dimly lit; no direct light should shine on the screen

  • Key questions about the digital darkroom Why a digital darkroom? First of all, you don't need an actual darkroom

  • I'm sometimes tempted to go back to black and white darkroom printing, which doesn't have the frustrating complexities of color

  • Prints from 2400 dpi scans are about as sharp as the best enlarger (conventional darkroom) prints; prints from properly sharpened 4000 dpi scans are sharper : See and

  • Benefits

    Photo by 0261010.achako.fool.jp

    Steve Hoffmann's digital darkroom imaging and printing tech tips.

  • Darkroom Imaging and Printing Tech Tips Steve Hoffmann's Nature and Landscape Photography Current Revision 1/21/06 If you are brand new to the world of digital imaging, you may want to start with my web based 'slide show' called


  • For the web and home digital darkroom RGB is the only color space you need to be familiar with

  • Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard think sRGB solves a lot of color matching problems in a home digital darkroom environment that is not using ICC color management

  • Fortunately for the home digital darkroom enthusiast, converting RGB to CMYK and producing accurate color prints is not the nightmare it used to be

  • - Color Managed Workflow If you are really fussy about color matching you may want to investigate the possibility of using an ICC color managed workflow (ICC profiles) in your home digital darkroom

    Introduction to The Black and White Darkroom
    Jerry Sparrow's article covering the basics of black and white darkroom setup
    and photo printing.

  • • Introduction to The Black and White Darkroom by : : : One Article The workspace Eventually, if you are like me, you will want to explore working in your own darkroom

  • We will spend the next few minutes discussing what a darkroom is and how to build and supply a well-equipped darkroom

  • Many a photographer has turned a spare bathroom or a corner of their basement into a darkroom

  • A spare bathroom is an ideal place for a darkroom if you can convince the others in your family to let you use it

  • Generally an interior bathroom has no windows so making it light tight is a fairly simple matter

  • If you are going to work with film it is extremely important that the room is light tight, this means absolutely no light at all should be allowed to leak into the room when the lights are off

  • You can try several methods of creating a light tight room, weather stripping, Duct tape, and wooden strips attached to the door are some of the more common ways of achieving this

  • Since the bathroom has running water and counter space and electricity you are well on your way to having a nice little darkroom

  • If you are able to create a custom darkroom you are truly one of the fortunate ones

    Chapter 1 - Brighten Your Life, by Daniel F. Kripke, MD
    An online book by a psychiatrist about bright light therapy for depression and sleep.

  • 1.C.  Our lighting experience Many scientists do not realize the dimness of indoor lighting, because illumination engineers often teach that indoor lighting is typically 100 to 500 lux.  They are thinking of bright offices and shopping centers (which are often especially brightly lighted), and they are measuring the lighting with their photometers pointed toward the ceiling lights where we do not look.  If we measure in the directions in which the eye looks, we have found that most indoor settings are much dimmer than 100 lux.  A fashionable living room might be 20 to 50 lux or less.  A fashionable bar or restaurant could be as dim as 1-2 lux.  In a lecture hall where scientists watch slides, 1-2 lux is about average.  Movie theaters are darker than 1 lux.  Thus, it could be 1000 or even 10, 000 times brighter outdoors in daylight than indoors

  • A big surprise for us was to discover in what very dim light people often watch TV.  In a recent study, the mid-range subject averaged 31 lux in the evening, but some people's TV rooms are only about 1 lux (about the same as the light of a full moon)

  •    That is dark!  Please do not think that the TV screen itself is very bright.  It may appear bright, but it does not light up a room.  You could not read comfortably by TV light alone

    Robert Ambrogi's LawSites
    Covers legal Web sites, Blogs, other legal resources, as well as commentary and
    news on legal issues. By Robert Ambrogi.


    Agenzia di comunicazione Milano Padova Omniavisual
    [Milano] Presenta lo studio grafico specializzato nell'image, packaging e la

    The Cottingley Fairies: an alternative viewpoint
    Essay by Barbara Roden discussing why Arthur Conan Doyle believed or wanted to
    believe in fairies.

  • Within half an hour they were back at the house, asking Mr Wright (who, being a keen amateur photographer, had recently built his own dark-room) to develop the plate for them

  • It was not until after tea that he obliged, with Elsie standing in the tiny dark-room with him while Frances waited outside

  • "The fairies are on the plate!' she cried to her young cousin outside the dark-room

    Low Energy Neutrino Spectroscopy aims to measure the solar neutrino spectrum at
    low energy in real time.

  • Dark Room Facility MPIK has set up a to study and improve design and construction of optical cells (which contain the scintillator), electronics, photomultiplier, etc

  • Study the Optical Properties With the Dark Room Facility, a photospectrometer (UV/vis light) and a fluorimeter (both devices from VARIAN) we ar well equipped for any kind of studies of various liquid scintillators, like optical properties (e.g

    Atheists of Silicon Valley
    Atheist organization promoting religion-free lives and the US Constitutional
    right of freedom from religion. News, information on upcoming events, and links.

  • Philosophy is like being in a dark room and looking for a black cat

  • Metaphysics is like being in a dark room and looking for a black cat that isn't there

  • Theology is like being in a dark room and looking for a black cat that isn't there and shouting “I found it!” Get your Join Atheists of Silicon Valley for $20/year

    The New York Review of Books: The Great Narayan
    A narrative of RK Narayan's life and works by Pankaj Mishra. (February 22, 2001)

  • Narayan University of Chicago Press, 184 pp., $14.00 (paper) The Bachelor of Arts (1937) with an introductionby Graham Greene University of Chicago Press, 265 pp., $15.00 The Dark Room (1938) by R.K

  • One of his least successful novels is The Dark Room (1938), which takes up, in schematic ways, the condition of women in the changing circumstances of modern India

  • In Narayan's first two novels, women had been exempt from demanding citizenship in a harsh, discouraging world; they existed on the margins, in the kitchens and bedrooms and inner courtyards, where they were often a source of tenderness

  • In The Dark Room , Savitri runs away from home—the escape from oppressive convention is by now a familiar theme in Narayan—and attempts to drown herself after her tyrannical husband, an insurance officer, takes up with a new, 'modern' girl in his office, and then invokes, in a classic instance of middle-class hypocrisy, Hindu scriptures to justify his tyranny over his wife

    Review: Dark Fall
    Review by Andrew "Zarf" Plotkin. "Dark Fall will stand up with the best of
    commercial adventure gaming -- not only, but not least, because it goes into ...

  • I can write a good text description of a room in fifteen minutes, and descriptions of the important contents in another hour

  • I don't know how long it would take to lay out the same room in a 3D modeller -- I have almost no experience with such things -- but I bet it would be more than an hour, even for an expert

  • There was Cracking the Conspiracy , which I threw across the room after an hour, because the interface and puzzle design was painfully clumsy and awful

  • There was Adventure at the Chateau d'Or , which I threw across the room after two hours, because the interface and puzzle design was painfully clumsy and awful

  • Abandoned rooms, ghosts, diaries, WW2 photographs, and ancient evil

  • All the rooms are square -- that's fine, it's a hotel, not Grand Cthulhu Station -- but your motion is square too

  • You nearly always face along the axes of the room, turning 90 degrees at a time

  • Searching around a dark room with a flashlight, for example

  • It requires no more of you than normal room-searching, but, damn, it feels like flashing a beam around a dark room

  • When the action sequence is more obscure, such as developing a photograph in a darkroom, the player can become entirely lost -- can wind up clicking at random, trying to get out

    A testimony of salvation, restoration and healing through miracles is shared here.

  • What had happened that night when I visited John? My sister who was in a private cell (room), had asked the nurse for a pail of soapy water and a mop, because she did find it quite dirty - and it probably was

  • My sister responded in a normal fashion, she liked my room and the view from my window

  • After a while he came out of a dark room with a large piece of glass with the picture of my lungs on it (old fashioned Xray)

  • With bewilderment in his eyes, he walked up to me and said, 'Weren't you recently rejected, wasn't there something wrong with your lungs?' 'Yes', I replied, 'but something has happened.' Again he went into the dark room and came back with another Xray picture on glass, the one from my first examinitation

  • I had to go out the backdoor, waited until the visitors were in the livingroom, then I had to sneak down the hall and upstairs to my bedroom

    The Seattle Times: Search Results
    How an obscure bivalve became the object of international desire. Humorous article
    about this soft-shelled clam. [Free Registration Required]

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